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Awesome news.

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Wow, I'm happy to hear things have moved along like this. Great idea, guys, excited to see the work in action.

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I take it that is your phpBB centralized forum. We still don't have a decentralized forum for us, our community, Lenny or otherwise.

You'll need to share MUCH more about this "grand opening" of your forum on my box with me before you do any such thing. I need to know 100% what's going on on my gear in my home.

I've been exceptionally verbose and precise about my needs, wants, and goals, yet I feel completely in the dark about most of this and think you're jumping the gun here in a big way with your side project.

Feel free to use /s/Cassy/wiki to lay down your ideas for me/us to see - or better, help me get the projects wiki online..