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I think we should check too see if we can get freecycled/donated hardware for the servers if we're going that route

Fantastic idea.

you're probably not going to be able to run any sort of significant traffic off a home internet connection

It can grow as necessary with my local indie ISP: for home and for business.

Maybe start a GoFundMe for cash support.

There are MANY crowdsourcing sites. I don't have money so I don't/can't use them. The question is, have you ever used any?

And we should have representatives talk about it, advertise, drum up support.

Agreed. Just as I discovered SaidIt via the TinFoilHat and the other podcasts, we can reach out to media and "influencers".

We'd need some kind of promo package so everyone isn't doing it ad hoc.

Agreed!!!!! I know I've done my own ad hoc for SaidIt, some better than others. I love branding and marketing. I used to like advertising but now don't. I would love to work on this as it's in my wheelhouse, but I won't ever just go it alone because I recognize that I get verbose, I have flaws, and of course EVERYTHING creative is always better with trusted external feedback and improvement.

If we can allow tax deductions for crypto that would be awesome.

Great idea. Setting up some cooperative orgs would be good too. Since everyone is anon but me, and I'm willing, I can do it but I'm shit at accounting stuff. If I did my taxes for the last 10 years I might be able to get a few grand back. Maybe it's time.

Some people need to sell or donate at a loss on purpose to avoid taxes.

I have some collectible stuff. Nothing stands our as being worth a lot, but in the entirely it could add up. If I could hire someone to sell it all on eBay or whatever then I could give them half and use the remainder to invest in all this stuff. I started /s/FleaMarket to eventually share my external posts of interest. Perhaps someone here might even be interested in some of it.

Not sure what we would need to qualify. Can we organize as a church, charitable organization, or NGO? The Cassy Initiative has a nice ring to it.

I can do stuff from Windsor, Ontario, Canada. My means and attention span and business skills are extremely limited. Yet, if it's a creative production, then somehow I'm motivated to to make it all work out.

I can try pumping reddit for help, people mostly like me there and a lot of old drunks know me.

Good to know. Don't mention it and hold off asking until we have concrete plans. We don't want to lose the edge of novelty nor do we want to seem uncertain. When we pave a road map our priority destinations should solidify. Once the fundamentals are up we can take all the time we want and smell the flowers along the way.

janitorial [vs] editorial [and opinion] moderation

Excellent nutshell!

My only caveat is, who judges what is janitorial vs editorial? Why not try to offer folks (admittedly flawed) options rather than (worse) all or nothing?

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My only caveat is, who judges what is janitorial vs editorial? Why not try to offer folks (admittedly flawed) options rather than (worse) all or nothing?

By Janitorial I mean removing spam, putting things into their proper categories, things like that rather than trying to influence the direction conversations take.

I have a headache, I'll have to look this over later.