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Due to personal problems, I haven't been able to spend as much time on this as would've been preferable. I'm looking for a way to get this done faster. But this still has my full support and I'm still working on it. Just be a bit more patient when it comes to the things you're expecting from me, please. And we should stay in touch about this. Without Session is fine by me, then we'll PM here.

Your post makes it seem like there is no server, and no MediaWiki in your local network. But we did set those up. Are you making use of it at all? You never updated me on that.

If you want someone else to work on the webapps that I set up, they need to be familiar with Docker, because that's what I use. That what you understood to be a nonstandard installation location. (They're actually containers, which are similar to virtual machines inside which the apps are running.)

You keep on bringing long-term goals into this, such as MetaVote, but isn't that more apt for /s/PhoenixForum? Same goes for the code bounty. This is about setting up software that's already available, right?

The thing about using a dedicated sub for this project is that everything is neatly organized in one place, but the downside is that there's less visibility. I have an idea. How about we x-post things from this sub in /s/DecentralizeAllThings, and things from /s/PhoenixForum in /s/Internet? Perhaps not for all posts, but major ones. I'm doing it for this post.

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I just realized this wasn't a PM. I won't tell if you don't.

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You never updated me on that.

It's all in the Session chat and my last PM with you. Zero progress this week. Zero wiki, zero anything. As on my Win7 box, the wiki should auto-start upon reboot. Currently it does not, even after 2 reboots. Also, I can say we have a server but it doesn't matter if there's nothing to show for it. I'm not ready to share admin of it to others. I haven't given up on you, but I'm also keeping my eyes open for other help. Funny that just before my post TAM had PMed me that she was realizing that with M7s absence a new forum might be needed.

Assuming you weren't active on it I just now took the liberty of rebooting Cassandra. I also checked the IP and network ID thing to see if it had somehow changed. It had not.

If this reboot doesn't work then we can troubleshoot Cassandra live via Session, or slower in these PMs.

Just be a bit more patient when it comes to the things you're expecting from me, please. And we should stay in touch about this.

Trust me, I'm trying. When I hear nothing for a week it's very demotivating. When we don't even have a wiki or forum up after 2 months, it's paralyzing. I can dream the world, but I don't think I've actually asked for much. Only 4 things were pressing. We only ever got 1 server and half a wiki.

With the wiki up and accessible to the world I can invite others to help. Same with Lenny. And perhaps even with your phpBB if you like. All of this would be in preparation before any large announcement. Link as you like with trusted folks, but do not make any grand announcements. We only have one chance for a grand reveal and first impression upon the world. We can't half-ass it when we do. I honestly want to spend an entire month or more on prepping for a grand launch.

I don't know anything about Docker or webapps. Yes, "containers" is the better word.

Partially yes, long-term goals can be PhoenixForum and MetaVote vaporware stuff (and by introducing those strange concepts I may unnecessarily complicating things) but I think 2 concepts are critical to convey to include the most people's participation possible: 4 fundamental accessibility levels + anon participation solutions. I only expect the hard core and geeky to be early adopters, but this is for the long haul and the future of forever. Unlike M7 who never shared his vision of the future, I may be overcompensating, but I also think that laying out a roadmap can give some people hope, anticipation, motivation, and drive, rather than just being dragged along wherever.

Now specifically for our purposes, having a way to categorize users with the "First Proposed Code Bounty: Tag-Label Filter" for lack of a good name, seems like the best way to avoid having to deal with moderation and censorship. People behave or they get demoted and thus filtered. If there are better ideas or ways or whatever I'm all ears. IMO playing whack-a-troll is a waste of time that could be used developing new tricks.

That user-filter thing is the only dream thing that stands out as being very important. Is it critical? No. You're correct on that, and yes, our immediate focus is about setting up software that's already available.

By presenting the code-bounty concept I'm also giving them food for thought, hopium if you will, and the idea that perhaps when we're organized they might be able to throw money at a problem to have it solved. I haven't asked for any money yet but I'm putting out feelers to see if anyone has interest in donating or even being a hired coder. Also, the nice thing about money is that you can have expectations and make demands without seeming pushy. That's the last thing I want to be.

Cross post as you see fit. I'm assuming you'll just post the url to link back and not the the body.