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I made my own card game using LibreOffice Draw and uploaded it to TheGameCrafter, who printed everything off for me! It's published on their website here.

Dath (Gaelic for "color", yeah I'm very original...) is a simple game where you try to get every color by either drawing them, or mixing two other colors you already have. You can also destroy another player's collection with a Black card, while White cards count as any color while mixing. It actually took me longer to write the rules than to make the assets, haha...

I played it a few times with my family, and they liked it, but there's obviously a large amount of bias there... Regardless, I think it's pretty cool that I was able to design my own card game and have it printed out by a professional publisher.

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How do you stay this sharp? I used to be really creative and intelligent like this as a child but as I grew up I stopped having any good ideas at all. And even when I do, when I try to make it happen it takes forever and it's an absolute mess and I can never get anything right. This is a normal and expected part of growing up but somehow a few people like you, AddictedReddit, and especially cqtz have managed to retain their childhood brilliance.