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As a Nevadan, alcohol laws are always weird to me. We basically have none:

-No last call

-No ABV limits (I'm looking at you, Utah)

-Alcohol can be sold anywhere at any time of day (No Sunday or early morning restrictions)

I'm not sure what effect this has on drunk driving. I assume that in Cali, all of the cops are out at 2am looking for drunk drivers.

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I live in a town that has a ton of bars in its downtown. I know that cops hang out around the area right around last call to pop the drunk drivers. I'm glad they do. We had an incident fairly recently where a guy got in his truck and mowed down like 15 people on the main drag of downtown. No one died, but people were hurt. He was very drunk.

We don't really have restrictions on when and who can sell alcohol, other than the various types of liquor licenses. I've bought beer plenty of times at gas stations, which is apparently weird in some states. We can't drink out in public or on the street. Not legally, at least.

I don't know how I feel about a 4 AM last call. I'd like to see more data on crash statistics in towns/states that have 4 am last calls and 2 am last calls. Do those 2 hours actually make a difference? Drunks are going to drink as much as they can no matter the cut off time.