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I would find like minded people at work who also can't stand working from home and ask management to let us continue working from the office.

Never wore masks to the grocery store to begin with and irritated a grandma for walking the wrong direction down an aisle. Fuck these people.

The whole thing was a psyop to get people to line up for the mrna poison, and if that didn't work they offered cash and prizes, then they tried to shame them with the PaNdeMiC oF tHE uNvaCciNaTeD, and finally coercion via no jab, no job/school/fun. Hopefully you all received the least damaging batches, because their is evidence that they were not all the same. This was literally an experiment.

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Comply? Fuck that, never have never will!

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Lol, what do you think?

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Gonna be a whole different game this time methinks.

If it wasn't such a headfuck, I would almost be looking forward to the confrontations.

My worry is flying and work being real cunts.