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No problem. I like these C_S_T posts and I think they deserve more discussion.

So can you elaborate on an easy economy tempered with overworked people?

Imagine you have 10 million dollars. Your career choices don't really matter that much and you will still have a just fine quality of life. Many baby boomers experienced a very easy economy, that basically allowed them to rest on their haunches. Then when things actually start going bad, like in 2008, they don't know what to do and aren't prepared, despite having many opportunities to prepare. Abundance makes many people intellectually lazy.

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If I had USD$10 million, my own career choices would really matter. I've also heard that magnitude is about where quality of life starts to be fine. I'd likely go the Brewster's Millions line of $30 million or higher with your point (which kind of makes me sad - a decade ago $5 million would've been fine).

I also just read baby boomers tend to spend now and won't be giving much inheritance. I actually prefer this because of your point; the money is not, at least so much, with the lazy.