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I think you are right. And I think they keep learning to tighten the thumbscrews a little slower after each revolution throughout history.

However their greed always seems to get away from them, and it results in situations like hong kong and france, and the many other countries seeing mass protests in the last year or two

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They do, that's always been the point. That's why we see Trump saying something dumb or wearing something stupid during a time of hardship. It is all by design, to create outrage and dstraction. Much of it is theater. You see all these fake shootings, the left blaming the right, the right the left. If they were real, which they are not, none of this rhetoric would exist. Both sides further the agenda of centralization and control.

REMEMBER, Trump's task was to become the faux antagonsit of the media. That we continue to trust the media (whatever side you may choose) that we beleive the media is a priority, if not, THE PRIORITY. Even if you hate the media, you are still under its spell if you believe anything that is coming out of national news is true. Once you understand that almost everything is theater and PSYOPs, the state we are in today becoems much easier to understand.

A shooting happened, you have the left news saying it was a white male and the right media saying it was black person.

Do this, google one big news story . Read the headliens of the left leaning news and the right leaning news for each sotry. Obtain as many headlines as you can get. You'll see that both sides are playing a dialectic. Pretending to oppose each other, confusing the narrative with conflict. This all becomes obvious if you do this.

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You mean professional news, not news. Sort of like the difference between professional wrestling and wrestling?

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I can sadly believe that honestly. People get distracted by outrage culture and cancel culture, meanwhile the real problems are getting worse and worse in the real world.

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Or what you might mean is, if you've seen or read them...Brave New World first, then 1984 as a backup.

Would it be okay if I broke down your conjecture?

  • How have you seen people lose their ability to focus? I have seen some intend to act then not be able to, on the immediacy level.
  • Who or what would you describe as the elites? And what would your alternative be? I personally would not change the foundations at all, yet, and I'm not happy that successful efforts have been and are being leveraged against what I'm referring to now.
  • What constitutes addiction? I would say it would be using something in a non-controlled way for negative purpose, like drinking ethanol instead of using it as fuel.
  • What constitutes a distraction? I prefer the term veil, as in the tactic. Is this what you meant? A useful alternative is a properly sortable archive and a revision system like git.
  • How are people living more stressful lives? I only see people letting their inner demons, as featured in the movie Click (or on Jerry), run their lives. I wouldn't call that stressful, just foolish.
  • Can you elaborate on how the design promotes working for them? It looks more like a way to kind of skewer people's lives to a razor thin margin. There is an easy solution to this.
  • Hedonism, family, and time management? I'm unsure the scope of this conjecture. My current model is to be able to drop something on a dime if necessary, so lots of prep (not as in prepperism).