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Compilation of Holocaust denial arguments

You may want to rephrase that first part to something like "compilation of evidence refuting the official account of the the Holocaust".

Holocaust denial is a negative term.

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I don't follow the mainstream narratives, so I use whatever terms I feel like using.

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so I use whatever terms I feel like using.

Unfortunately, Holocaust denial is their term. You're using their narrative and terms to define your position.

Using the opposition's terms of debate is a losing strategy.

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Don't you think that moderating language and/or what terms to use could also be a way of giving in?

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No. It's a bad ideas to let your opposition set the term of the debate.

Your position is that the Holocaust was a deceit. Why would you play by the rules of those whose intent is to deceive.

You need to use different language that is intended to point out the factual contradictions.

This is more difficult to accomplish, when you use words/phrases that have been manipulated to have secondary meanings.

Holocaust "denier" is one of these phrases.