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The majority of these "facts" are as selectively picked. Additionally you began this entire essay with a fallacy that I've never heard anybody say - that ALL Germans were involved. You decided to ignore large swaths of information, some from the Nazis documents themselves.

The most suspect aspect of this entire essay is your motives behind it. People did die. Many did. The stories of the Nazis atrocities expand far beyond simply the treatment of the Jews or on the German land. It seems more like you're attempting to whitewash history in favor of the poor tortured SS soldiers instead of truly investigating the claims and finding the legitimate inconsistencies and false propaganda, which certainly exists and is worth informing ourselves of.

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Not all holocaust deaths (in the "official" narrative, which is far from official) were caused by gassing. That's just a popcult belief.

Make sure you're handling this topic sensitively. You were at first, but it kind of devolved as you were writing this.

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Don't miss the forest for the trees here. This is Amalek and he knows almost nobody is going to read this wall of text. This is for spamming, not information. He's trying to do exactly the same thing he did to Voat.

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don't tryt to use fear and make him an unperson. voat sucks cuz they sold out

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Sold out to who?

I saw this exact thing happening. He spammed every major subverse with a wall of text like this. At first it was an annoyance, but he persisted. Gradually over time he managed to filter out the entire userbase until it resembled the current one.

I don't for one second believe he actually believes what he's saying. He converted no one. He made a home (honeypot) for racists and they filled it. That's what happened.

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Not another MartinTimothy? :-( Please make a post on /s/Saidit about this, so the admins know.

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I never said all kills happened by gassing. All I said was that there was somewhat of a consensus that a lot of killings happened by gassing, which isn't true.

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If the Germans truly wanted to commit […]

This sentence implies that you – Oh this is really well-written. Congratulations. I'm going to have to try hard to challenge you!