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Naming names. Good post, very informative.

Hitler was fearful of communist takeover, and declassified soviet docs, prove they were planning an offense west.

This book is interesting:

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Yet again, more anti-Semitic bullshit

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reality is biased

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The truth is anti-Semitic.

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Yeah, but most of them got banished and / or killed by Stalin afterwards, so…

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Most, no. Not the atheist Jews. During the ethnic oppression and cleansing campaigns in the USSR: the Russians were their primary target throughout the Red Terror and all throughout the 1920s. In the 1930s the Polish, Ukrainians, Finnish and many others, who were slaughtered in proportion to Russians. The Jews as an ethnicity were never included in kill lists.

Yes, during the Great Terror and Red Army Purges a lot of people who called themselves jews were executed as spies, disruprurs, saboteurs but none were taken to Gulag for simply being Jewish.

Stalins mortal enemy was Leon Trotsky who I believe was Jewish. He exiled Trotsky in 1940. He went after Trotsky’s followers, who the majority did happen to be Jewish and many internationalsits.

During the WWII any hint of anti-semitism would not be tolerated by the Red Army. After the war the focus was on ethnic groups that collaborated with the Nazis too much, and nearer to Stalin's death there started processes, which were anti-semitic: the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee Affair, Cosmopolitans' Case, and the Evil-Doing Doctors Case. These again were processes with a political conspiracy agenda, but a vast majority of victims were Jewish, including people known globally, so the inherent anti-semitic line was easily revealed and created large anti-semitic sentiment, which survived in the society through Khruschev's tenure and was traceable during Brezhnev's. Still, there was no known documented intention neither to expel or exile the Jews to Siberia.

Just as an indication of intentions, if there had been plans to force-expel the Jews to the Far East, why would the Soviets give any autonomy to the exiled nation? I never heard of a Chechen, Krymchak or Volga-German autonomy in Gulag. Neither did I about any autonomy proposed to the Jewish people in the Babylonian Empire.

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Where's that quote from?

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this is like how hitler did the transfer agreement. A deal with zionists for jews to move to palestine. Then later made their lives harder with concentration camps to encourage more to move like boiling frogs. The holocaust didn't kill 6 mill but around that many did move to Israel and also USA. Remember that like bolsheviks, nazis were jew financed (prescott a middleman)

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Remember that like bolsheviks, nazis were jew financed (prescott a middleman)

Financed by some Jews doesn't mean Jew-financed, just like if some men pay for something that doesn't mean it's man-financed.

Also, I'd like to read further into that; mind to point me towards an article about it that doesn't make my head hurt from self-contradiction?

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Financed by some Jews doesn't mean Jew-financed,

yeah it does and if any don't speak out that is tacit agreement

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This isn't consistent. Jews are humans. Therefore, by your logic, if humans don't speak out then that's tacit agreement and means it's financed by all of those humans.

Obviously, you'll come up with a way of weaselling out of this with something that makes so little sense that I can't even argue against it, but at least I tried.

I'm also going to point out that you don't have evidence of who financed it; you're guessing that they were Jewish but your evidence, even when taken at face value, is just as easily explained by a framing.

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if you don't speak out you're guilty like a wheel man in a bank robbery

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What if you're a bystander in the bank? Still guilty? Your analogy makes no sense. There aren't hundreds of get-away drivers in a bank robbery. It's a small group of people robbing a bank; not a few tens of millions.

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if a bystandewr in bank not guilty. but if then after the robbery cops ask you questions like what did the robbers look like and you refuse to help, guilty.

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What if you weren't in the bank at all? Even if somebody had randomly emailed you saying "don't come into the bank", you still wouldn't be culpable.

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not being in the bank at all is like not being on earth at all in this analogy