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Assuming we are created and that there is a unique singular source to which the universe traces its roots (such as "In the Beginning, There Was God"), then the only possible material for us to be made from is that singular source itself. In other words, we are part of that source. We each would represent an aspect of it. This also would speak to the sensation you are talking about with regards to music or other environments where there is a sense of being absorbed by the medium. These are pathways through which we sense the common material from which we all derive.

We are indeed energy. Physics confirms this, but spiritual traditions have come to the same conclusion countless times throughout history.

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The backwards direction is more interesting, imho: If we are part of this source, it is only reasonable to believe this source is a part of us, too.

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Yes. Regarding more interesting, you and I are simply using mirror images; the mirror is the basic realization. Either construct can lead to a satisfying understanding.

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There is a collectivist conspiracy. The devil is a commie who wants to make everyone just like himself, with no uniqueness or individual personality whatsoever. He basically wants to erase you. Hey, that sounds a lot like

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The origins of the world are explained in this documentary.