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This is great!

There are two issues...

how Catholics groups started infiltrating and corrupting the intelligence agencies everywhere

This is out of left field. If anything the intelligence agencies are infiltrating everything. Plus, after Vatican II in the early 60s, it's safe to say the Catholic authorities have never been the same and are Zionist allies, if not puppets.

his combined with the promotion of atheism and the violent competition of capitalism made most people value money over everything else.

Atheism is simply an absence of belief in any mythical sky authority or Gods. It's basic skeptical critical thinking. Removing some bullshit "divine" authority doesn't make a people value money over everything else. It just removes woo. For some people it's scary. For some people it's liberating. For some people (who watch deviancy on TV) it's a license to be bad. For some people it's an opportunity to find deeper meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in life, and discover other fundamental principles like Natural Law and Common Law and to build stronger communities that remain critical of and resilient to authority.

Atheism is not the problem. Social engineering and propaganda is.

I don't think most people are even capable of defending a decent society anymore.

This has always been the case.

they are so intellectually destroyed that all they can think about is making more money.

Money is a powerful tool - like many other tools: science, socialism, technology, etc. and may be used for good, bad, and ugly.

It's up to us to defend the information related to how things went bad and how we can build society again in order to get our nations back.


Knowing there's a problem is 1/3, knowing where to correct to is 1/3, and actually having alternatives and solutions is 1/3.

What solutions have you got for us?

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The only answer left is revolution. Always has been.

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Revolution™ is a boring non-answer. You spin around and end up back in the same place.

We need to evolve outside of their boxes. To effectively resist tyranny we need alternative media, alternative communications, alternative economics, alternative food growing and distribution networks, alternative energy, alternative industry, alternative markets, and alternative fucking everything.

Non-violent voluntaryist cooperatives - even after they inevitably make them illegal.

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You could get away to the wild and start society again, but that would mean sacrificing your country.

I can never do that, so that's my answer. Besides, I believe that revolutions can also bring a good change.

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I didn't say anything about starting over. It's possible to grow better new systems sometimes based on but independent of the old and in the process become more decentralized, more secure, and more resilient. Evolve, let the old rot, and the new grow.