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Please, go on, about the liminal phenomenon and what Hansen has to say.

It's been a long time since I read it, and since he doesn't offer any definitive statements it's difficult to characterize his message. Mostly, "it's complicated". The very liminality of the phenomena make them difficult to definitively characterize. He does talk a lot about the relationship between paranormal phenomena (including UFOs) and the "Trickster" archetype -- thus reinforcing the difficulty in grappling with the issues.

Re: vibrational signature to each point in the universe. Yes, I believe that to be a much truer representation of reality than our familiar spatiotemporal conceptualization. Several times, at the hold hangout, I've referred to the Fourier Transform as a mathematical allegory for how a frequency-based conceptualization can be equivalent to a time-based conceptualization, and perhaps (for some purposes) more powerful. Also, lately, I've been thinking about the idea of the Rainbow as being representative of the covenant between Yahweh and Israelites, how the idea of "covenant" evokes the idea of a collective agreement. I.e., our experience of this plane of reality is the result of a collective agreement to tune into specific frequencies (=colors). Outside the scope of the OP, but I think relevant to the issue of how other "beings" may be interacting with us.