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I would certainly agree that we have a very limited understanding of time-space. First I would say that much like we look at a fruit fly's life as so short and ours "normal", a different race of beings, with different technology, could look at our measly 100-year-lives as short and their 200,000-year-lives as "normal." With the help of technology, we can assume the lifespan of more advanced beings is basically open ended. This leaves room for massive experiments, like not only humanity on Earth, but all of Earth, or the Solar System, or maybe even our whole visible universe. It could be experimentation on already existing celestial bodies which they carefully choose, and possibly wait for eons until opportune moments, or for terraforming to take place, or it could be moving and placing celestial bodies for specific purposes. It could be crafting entire planets, much like in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, actually creating atoms, or using what is available, or it could even be creating an entire universe, whether physical or virtual. Again, none of these are mutually exclusive and, for example, there could be advanced beings more savvy then us, performing the experiment of humanity, as well as an even more advanced civilization of beings creating our entire universe.

But all I'm really getting at is timeframes, and the idea that it's all relative. What could seem like eons to us, could be a small snooze to a different being, with different biology and/or different technology. Admittedly, I'm still thinking quite linearly.

I have heard a decent amount about the possibility of time travel. If we accept that beings can not only live far into the future (essentially time traveling, as we all are, into the future), but also can travel to the past, well then things get quite weird and quite difficult for humans, so tied to our linear timeframes, to grasp. But I do sometimes feel what I call the ever present moment, the only moment, the NOW. It's a beloved feeling and thought to me, but also easily forgotten unfortunately. I do think I need to reintegrate that and have it at the forefront of my mind, because I think that is a very vital part of an accurate view of the world.

I remember seeing an interesting clip of Bashar (a channeled being by Darryl Anka) talking about instantaneous travel through time space. He explained it as if there is a vibrational signature to each point of the universe, in time and space, and if you can tune yourself, or your craft, to exactly where you want to go, you will cease to be here, and instantly be there. Something like that; I can't find it at the moment.

Please, go on, about the liminal phenomenon and what Hansen has to say.

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Please, go on, about the liminal phenomenon and what Hansen has to say.

It's been a long time since I read it, and since he doesn't offer any definitive statements it's difficult to characterize his message. Mostly, "it's complicated". The very liminality of the phenomena make them difficult to definitively characterize. He does talk a lot about the relationship between paranormal phenomena (including UFOs) and the "Trickster" archetype -- thus reinforcing the difficulty in grappling with the issues.

Re: vibrational signature to each point in the universe. Yes, I believe that to be a much truer representation of reality than our familiar spatiotemporal conceptualization. Several times, at the hold hangout, I've referred to the Fourier Transform as a mathematical allegory for how a frequency-based conceptualization can be equivalent to a time-based conceptualization, and perhaps (for some purposes) more powerful. Also, lately, I've been thinking about the idea of the Rainbow as being representative of the covenant between Yahweh and Israelites, how the idea of "covenant" evokes the idea of a collective agreement. I.e., our experience of this plane of reality is the result of a collective agreement to tune into specific frequencies (=colors). Outside the scope of the OP, but I think relevant to the issue of how other "beings" may be interacting with us.