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Great post, HibikiBlack. I find it very telling that pretty much no one I've ever mentioned it to (and we're talking highly educated professional people) knows that the Smith-Mundt act, which allegedly prevented the US from propagandizing its own people, was repealed in 2013. Even five years later most are surprised to learn it and have not noticed the blaring siren of State Propaganda coming from their various devices.

Also the allegiance to MSM outlets effectively translates to a self-identification with Brand. It becomes an emblem or blazon of the "personality" and remains unquestioned due to this need for a specific identity construct, and for a tribe that matches this construction.

I used to hide my more "conspiracy" side, and I have stopped hiding. I am prepared for the eyerolls and the disdain at my apparent lack of officially sanctioned "intelligence"--and I feel strongly that the only way to introduce and normalize an accurate perception of reality is to, as you said, cease to be shamed and share widely no matter what (with appropriate discernment of course.)

The more this kind of info flows from sources other than the proverbial lunatic on the sidewalk with a sandwich board, or basement-dwelling troglodyte, the more it becomes possible for people to unflinchingly see Truth, and feel okay about being "identified" with it.

This is precisely why the Purge is so vehement. TPTB know that the Truth has been way out in front in recent years, and the normalization of those truths has been underway since the advent of social media. Still, I remain utterly shocked at those I know who have serious brain power and cannot see the dire obviousness of the bullshit being force-fed them.

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Thanks, woah, we have so much in common. Yeah, we gotta do everything we can to expose the truth.