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Additional info- all new subs have sidebar chat enabled by default, as of today

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Great idea, that's perfect

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Thank you!

It won't let me sign into the lounge/chat here, it says 'authentication failed'. But I know that's my password and I'm logged into the site. I'll let you know if it starts working.

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the authentication failed bug.. I've gotten that a few times as well.

The login for that is different than your reddit account. Try your password being the same as your username. If that doesn't work, there's supposed to be a random password that was generated for you... you're ideally never supposed to see that login screen on the chat widget. I was having this problem too. I don't know what triggers it. You can create another user account and it should work again, but that's just a temporary workaround.

/u/d3rr I know you've got an awful lot on your plate right now, but this person could use their the Lounge password please. Thank you sir.

And thank you oodles for reporting this issue, we'll get this ironed out. And please do let me know if you get it working.

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i just connected via a stand alone client. (atm irssi, thinking of using hexchat or weechat) does that count as "get it working"?

maybe add a little more info to the sidebar? like alternate ways of connecting to the irc channel.

the channels are hosted on

/join #C_S_T[ae] to talk

had to do a little web search to find this out :3

i assume the chat widget is pretty much copy&pasted in. it throws a "Too many connections from your IP" error... maybe the widget loads twice and i can only see the 2nd one? idk...

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Oh thanks for posting that info, that is a good idea to have those addresses available.

alerting /u/d3rr who might be interested in reading your comment for the bug diagnosis.

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The lounge (chat client) username is your antiextremes username and your lounge password is in your ae preferences, it's called "IRC client password". If you changed that IRC password that would break things. We're still getting the integration dialed in. This is what d3rr says

Hopefully that gets it working!

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No bueno, I tried logging out and out back in, then copy/pasting the password in my preferences. Still no luck, I'll let you know if it starts working.

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Ah, dang! /u/d3rr would be interested in this

As a last-measure workaround, you can create another account if you wish. It should work then.

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Are you sure you got all the digits in your password? It goes on a bit longer than the box itself is

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That could be it, I'm on mobile. I'll try it later tonight or tomorrow when I can get to my laptop and let you know how it goes.

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Sorry for the tech hassle. If you change your IRC username in preferences, sidebar chat will start working again. Unfortunately other chats will be still be broken.

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Thanks d3rr and u/magnora7 for all the help. I'm currently getting ready to head out, but I'll change the IRC username later tonight or tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Chat is one of the things I'm most excited for with this site. Thank you both!

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i just reset your chat account. it should work again after a page refresh or browser cache clear.

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Yay it worked. Thank you so much d3rr and u/magnora7!