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This reminds me of the Parable of Two Wolves

The more you feed into self centered, angry tendencies, the more those tendencies can grow. The "poison" acts when an individual internalizes it. An individual can be aware of the nature of what they may be observing and not feed those tendencies within themselves. The key is clarity, understanding, self realization and awareness. Question everything so that you may better understand it.

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I like the vibe of shunning media unless you're willing to take a closer look and invest some time in some background research.

But this also reeks a lot like the meme spouted about Columbine: 'Ow it's the games, oh it's the music' 'Marylin Manson makes kids shoot up school'. The modern version of Satanic panic. The problem lies much more (or even totally) in the reason why people choose to consume media in such overindulgence.

And some things can't be fitted into words and also not in video or music, like love, I mean, something is wrong with you anyway if you want to learn love from a video unless you think love is doing the dingilydopiedoo.

The only solution to this problem is to not watch MSM and focus on media that can be self-selected like youtube videos.

youtube videos

That made me giggle tbqh mah famalam. Youtube is just as bad.