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You are not chosen, consider it like a nice breeze: some people like it, some people don't care and others complain. It's more about you than 'the rest', it's you and you're in touch with that.

So yeah I have, but keep the specifics more private because it's me talking to me and I'm the best to understand. If you try to explain it to others they have their view but (or example) the breeze again, they may not care for it or hate it over even love it much more than you... So it's always way off from yourself.

EDIT: Like, being in love, you understand your stance and an outsider can only see/feel/imagine them in that position with love... they have a crude simulation. Like me saying to you, ever drank a beer in the shower? You might find it great, don't care or start thinking I'm an alcoholic that can't shower without beer.. all the while I was being nostalgic about one evening I did that and it was a grand evening, nothing more.