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Maybe the ideal role model shows up more than we think, but we just don't observe close enough to see. He's the one who picks up that small piece of trash in the hall, or talks with elderly people who find themselves alone, or donates an hour a week to play with dogs at the humane society. He/she exists in small acts. I think it's hard for one person to embody the selflessness, bravery, and intellect (among other qualities) required to be a “superhero,” as well as the charisma needed to get people's attention. The way society exists now, a person would also need more time and money than the average person can set aside for such activities and still survive, so it's almost impossible for that person to exist and the public be aware of him/her. We need to look harder, and do the little things (they can add up big).

Media has portrayed some role models with so much flash and perfection. Has it made us numb to the fact that the good stuff is around us? Has it made things appear that, to be “that person” is unattainable? I hope we don't have to all be beautiful, rich, and exceptional to be better; maybe therein lies the problem.