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Radio Times: When is The Little Drummer Girl on TV?

Remember when we collectively fell in love with The Night Manager? Well now the production company behind that John le Carré drama is coming back with another adaptation from the spy novelist – and it looks set to be one of the big TV events of the year.

Florence Pugh, Michael Shannon, Alexander Skarsgård and Charles Dance are lined up to star in a seventies tale of international plots and espionage.

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Thanks, I didn't know this is upcoming. Crazy for Le Carre.

Your username was in The Honorable Schoolboy, right? There was an old China hand who used to tell the waitresses to chop_chop, right.

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Good so far, I thought. Did you like EP 1? I'm looking forward to the next. The Night Manager was first class - a brilliant show. Haven't read The Honorable Schoolboy yet, thanks for the mention. It looks very good, I hope this production company decides to make a move from that. I picked Chop_Chop when I heard Anna Chancellor say it once, maybe in "The Hour". I had to replay it around 467 times it was so good.