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My life. Gnosticism and pursuit of transcendence. Mammalian biology, physical life, the world are evil.

I honestly think women should either be generically modified, or better yet, eliminated entirely while leaving pregnancy up to moids or external incubators. Then at least this inequity will be destroyed.

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I think your desire is biological, maybe sociological. Just try to feel it and see it for what it is - a program. That is not to say that we all need to reject these programs entirely, because yes, there will be very little left and that's very difficult to function in. But be aware of what it is.

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The idea that women have enough common interests or ideology is being revealed by the TERF/libfem schism, and by the TiF/detransitioner schism, to always have been a myth. All you can really do is try to keep the flame alive (on the internet or ideally in your real life location) for your particular woman tribe. Because unless you're very rich, or some kind of elite thinker or scientist, you probably have very little influence over the transhumanist processes that are the only thing that might actually solve the problems you describe.

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I feel you! Its hard, for sure

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u/jet199 will help you transform. Come to the hospital!