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And i kniw it's wrong but i swesr i feel like i'm becoming misogynistic, being a woman is so fucking stupid and sad and the more i observe other women the more i realize it, it's getting more and more terrifying and depressing

But maybe women are supposed to be retarded in some way and liked being humiliated cause if they werent then there wouldn't be having sex with men etc

I can't even look at social media anymore without seeing pickmes acting retarded with their stupid make up on thier faces and clothes pandering to men and making themselves into sex toys and then bragging about men they date but then still dating them and sucking their dicks

Or posting photos with their rat looking men or men 10+ older and talking how they like to be submissive, choked, degraded, daddy kink etc. Ewwww

There is no hope... If you are not masochistic you will not enjoy being a woman

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I think women act this way because most of them have been domesticated through the selective breeding done by males. Women were commonly killed if they stepped out of line. a popular example being the various witch trials of the world. The global witch trials of the world were often caused because of women having personalities that challenged male dominance. other women were hung and burned so they would not inherit property. men hung women and burned them for having personalities similar to ours, even young fertile women. some men were burned as witches too but they were almost always related to the other women being burned. probably so he couldn't pass on any blackpilled genes either.

blackpilled women have been slaughtered for thousands of years. this means that our blackpilled genes could not be passed down as much as retard submissive womens genes. I seriously believe that dumb women fill the world because of domestication, selective breeding, and blackpilled woman genocide.

apparently women in the past systemically killed overly aggressive young men to keep peace within their gynocentric tribes. this was before Abrahamic religion took off. I think male religion came out of this so they could radicalize men to start killing the blackpilled women who were killing the violent males. it was also written to tame the more docile women and indoctrinate them into becoming subservient to males. the books from these religions read as some sort of BDSM manual when they talk about how women must act. thousands of pages on how women MUST act would not have been written if women were naturally submissive. makes me believe that at one point most women really were not subservient cumguzzling fools who defend male violence at all cost. most definitely are now though.

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So agreeability is one of the big personality traits common in women across all cultures. Likely it's innate.

Most members of this sub are clearly in the minority of women who don't have it.

However that's not necessarily a bad thing. Agreeability is toxic to creativity. If you are nice and spend all your energy oiling the social wheels you aren't going to concentrate on your dreams and ideas.

Stop worrying about the major of women who are quite happy doing their thing no matter how nasty it looks. You have a gift that you get to be selfish with ease and go for want you want without guilt, use it.

Some of middle aged women literally have to go on courses just to learn they can make time for themselves. That concept is beyond my imagining and I'm glad.

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ha I scored 'very low'. I like your theory. You are correct that women like us should not worry about the majority of agreeable women. It is a waste of time to worry about and there is nothing we can do to change it. funny about the middle aged women taking classes to take time for themselves... I have one in my life that did this. she has spent her entire life doing extra shit for everyone in her life, especially the men in her family. of course the men never appreciated it or returned the favor. it ended up driving her crazy in middle age and impacted her mental health immensely. she literally had to have someone teach her to stop being such a doormat and how to worry about herself instead of everyone else. I would never put myself in a situation like that. Her self-detrimental behavior always puzzled me. The saddest part is that her people-pleasing behavior does not seem to make people like her more, it is not appreciated but expected and then resented. I am glad that I do not have that sort of stress, sounds like a nightmare.

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yeah I just took the test: "Your overall score for Agreeableness is very low" "Your level of altruism is low." "Your level of cooperation is low." "Your level of sympathy is low" LOL

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A good result!

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Millions of pickmes are having degrading unsatisfying male centred sex that they gonna regret after a few years rn than benefits and satifies men 100000000x more but they 'enjoy' it only cause they are stupid, masochistic and naive hihi happy valentines