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Please, add your own suggestions too.

Books, as discussed in other thread: The vegetarian myth (lierre Keith) Demonic Males: Apes and the Origins of Human Violence (Richard W. Wrangham, Dale Peterson) Sexual Coercion in Primates and Humans: An Evolutionary Perspective on Male Aggression against Females (Martin N. Muller, Richard W. Wrangham etc)

Up Your Ass and The SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas.

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thanks, I know only icemountainfire and trustyourperceptions, trustyourperceptions is really eye-opening

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Amazing, thank you. I'm guessing there's no English translation of this one, though, right?

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There are some translations on but it seems most articles don't have one, sadly.

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Thank you!

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There's also a book, loving to survive, about female social Stockholm syndrome and why women side with their abusers. It doesn't really go into biology, but it's easy to connect the dots. Especially when many female personality disorders linked with childhood trauma, or just a history of abuse, ironically cause women (and not men) to bond to their aggressors and indulge in risky, promiscuous relationships. Hibristophilia.

I'm not saying they're not responsible for their actions, because ultimately change would have started there. But it is fucking biological.

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I have more but i forgot where i saved them

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Much appreciated.

I didn't know the 1st blog, it is great

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"The Inevitability of Patriarchy," by Steven Goldberg. There's a google drive of radical feminist literature somewhere that I found and it's on there. I lost the link though. You can borrow it from the Internet Archive here if you make an account:

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Have you read it? I don't trust a man writing about Patriarchy and women's issues. Men love telling women how they're doing feminism wrong. And honestly, the oppressor has a different view of what's going on since it's not his neck under the boot, if you know what I mean.

For that matter, I don't trust most women writing about Patriarchy since most women put some super special group of men first in their so-called feminism. I go for radical lesbian or asexual separatists, as long as they are not intersectionalists or think racism is a bigger issue than the worldwide and multi-millennia oppression of women.

I'm a Sheila Jeffreys fan (especially because she is an outspoken anti-trans, frequently no-platformed lesbian), and I have other reading links in the sidebar of my blog.

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Yeah, I've read it. I found it eye-opening, honestly.

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Not to gang up on you for a suggestion, but IMO as blackpilling as any moid conservative drivel. He's a sociologist, a word salad tosser with no more credibility that some Jordan Peterson. There are plenty female patriarchy justifiers in that area, like Paglia or Butler, and they all demonstrate what's fucked about humanitarian academia.

I picked traditionsofconflict because moid-anthropologist who writes it makes a point to show how undeniably shit the whole ordeal is to women and how anthropoligists who ignore this plight suck and how hippy-types glamorizing those polygamous peaceful foraging days as egalitarian are naive. A woman speaking the same would not have a career unfortunately.

I picked "sexual coersion in primates..." because it is a collection of articles by various biologists, basically. Edited by dudes who wrote "Demonic male", which I wouldn't recommend if not for the lack of material, they suggest females should wate their time on making existing dudes better, as can be expecte from moids.

What does Goldberg bring to the table, in your opinion?

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Paglia is kind of blackpilled she often says that male sexuality is scary and women and men are very different and it's because of biology. For example: Yeah she sucks that she thinks that men are awesome (?) but still better than delusional libfems.

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I think we have a different understanding of blackpilled. That woman is just a cock worshipping conservative, albeit a lesbian one. She changes her labels and stance on many things quick as lighting when it suits her too. She thinks male sadism is soo awesome and creative and totes proves that girls stink. That's libfem-level cocksucking, just metaphorical. Blackpills gon't get mainstream.