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One of the more brutal blackpills for me is the fact that feminism is doomed to fail because women prioritize men more than they prioritize women, and men care about power more than they care for women. Nearly no one puts women first and foremost as a group. Women are expected to accommodate everyone, and they're fine with it. Nearly every feminist space become infested with intersectionality and "but what about x group?"

Maybe this is more 'sad' than it is 'brutal' but it's one of the things that made me disillusioned with feminism as a movement. I suppose one other brutal blackpill for me is how most men will want dominance and most women will want submission, no matter how hard we try to "socialize" it out of men and women alike.

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I couldn't have said it better myself. I see it happen every time in real life as well as online, the sort of merciless task delegated to women to accomodate, care and nurture forced by both men and women. Before I got blackpilled I still had hopes that things could change and were changing for the better. I naively believed in concepts such as sisterhood, even if the numbers wouldn't be great, it would still be something. However even in those small supposedly female-centric places, men were always given a priority and given excuses, and pointing it out would put you in a bad light. So, I'm just fine with having it all burn. If that's what most women want, they can have it.

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You said it perfectly. I still want to believe in sisterhood, but it's hard to do so when men take top priority in women's lives. It's tiring entering a feminist space and having women censor one another for the sake of being nice to men or whatever specific group of men they're protective of (e.g., men of color, gay men, poor men, mentally ill men, feminine men, young men, etc.). I wanted one space where women could focus on women only without having to give men the benefit of the doubt or remind everyone, "Hey, men are oppressed too!"

I'm thankful we can speak freely here, without having to make excuses for men or patriarchy-enabling women.

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Yeah women are extremely delusional about men and naive about who men really are... I think it's called 'positive female projection' women just project good qualities onto men even i still sometimes catch myself projecting good onto men while they are just evil.... Its crazy most women have no idea about what men really are they forgive men over and over again and accept the pain men cause them...

Also i also wanted submisson before but i was sick had low self esteem and was conditioned... Now i love and accept myself and i no loger have those desires... Now i desire to be dominant etc it feels natural

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Yeah, I think a lot of women are unaware of how men talk and act when there are no women around. Men, even the most asshole of men, tend to censor themselves around women, but the truth comes out when they're with their boys. Women either don't spend enough time lurking in male-dominated spaces, or they deliberately ignore how men act because it's too scary to accept that all men are misogynistic, even the so-called "good" ones. I agree that women tend to project their qualities onto men. Most women think men respect (or can be taught to respect) values such as compassion, compromise, empathy, forgiveness, and healing, like so many women do, but men don't care about such things. Men see those qualities as a weakness to have.

I also think a lot of women, regardless of whether they're naturally submissive or not, can become accustomed to having submissive fantasies because our society makes it really easy. We're bombarded with images of sexualized women (who are often portrayed as objects of male sexuality, not subjects), and the libfem movement doesn't make it any better. Porn, libfems telling girls it's "empowering" to be choked and slapped, and so on, all of it helps to fuel female insecurities. I'm glad to hear you're in a better place now and feel more at ease with yourself.

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When officials shut down the Elysium darknet platform in 2017 (young girls lovers site), there were OVER 111,000 user accounts. Based in Germany, the exchange platform provided pedophiles worldwide with photos and videos of severe child abuse.

Every child molesting site is more popular than feminists sites all together. This shit extremely scares me you can breed man and you don't know if he will be pedo. You can't do anything about it. You can have "caring" husband and he is secretely pedo. So we should kill all men.. just in case. Like really.

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Yup the fact that this site cutiegarden. org is still up and u can just search it... is crazy... And i wonder how MANY MORE AND WORSE pedo sites are out there...

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Oh fuck... this shit cutie is real and it is in "normal" internet WTF ? There's 900 Paedophilia Sites On Tor (dark net)

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That Biology is sexist. That Nature is hell. And that if by chance, most humans wake up to this, many will end up killing themselves. It will be too much to handle for many.

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it is not brutal, it's obvious

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Obvious to us. I doubt others are aware tho. Many have this romanticised version of Nature.

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It's truly hell. I just want transcendence

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There's no escape from all the shit that plagues the world like patriarchy, misogyny, female submission, male violence, exploitative capitalism, inequality, prejudices, wars, environmental destruction, animal abuse etc because they all stem from human biology. Even when we acquire the ability to change human nature through technology, we will almost certainly misuse it and only make all these problems worse, probably breeding more sociopaths because they are more successful in life.

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I am not sure but men sexual real fantasies are pretty scary and traumatizing and I am not sensitive person, there are websites what men search in porn sites and it is all about raping, pissing, fucking daughters etc. Also in my opinion most men are pedos I mean they find 12,13 years old girl attractive and they for sure would fuck them it they could. Even men who find 8 years attractive and younger girls make up 5-10% of population so they are not that rare as everybody thinks. World is full of pedos. The dark web is used by pedos and you can find sites where men rape 9-month girl, yeah.. sometimes boys special present for catholic priests who prefer molesting boys. And the government can't do anything about it. From time to time they close these websites but it is beyond their control. Read about dark web.

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Ahh yes i knew about this pedo stuff since i was 14... Maybe that's why i'm so angry and traumatized... But at least it made me smart enough to dont let any man tale adventage of men and i was never really naive about men...

I saw some peado 'support" forum on darknet and those men DO NOT FEEL BAD ABOUT THEIR ATTRACTION TO CHILDREN... The way they talk about children is so gross and primitve... They are obsessed with them... how they walk, what they wear... Some of those men even made entire posts about some children they saw in public and desribed how sexy they are, how sexy their CLOTHES are, their little bodies, pigtails, how innocent and cute looking they are, they were going crazy if any of those kids noticed them staring and desribed how it turned them on. They were telling their sexual fantasies involving children, their desires to be in a RELATIONSHIP with a child. Some of them were even talking about their children and how cute and sexy they are, how they love to watch them play and look at their bodies...THEY TALK ABOUT KIDS ARE OBSSESED WITH THEM, they watch their every move, the way they talk about children is the most disgusting repulsive thing i ever read on the internet.... Holy shit men are fucking stupid, low emotional intelligence, how primitve they are were, i also noticed that a lot of those also had a foot fetish for some reason and they were saying that they are still attracted to adult women and most of them werent born attracted to kids . They were also saying how disgusting and harsh this society is for not accepting peados. Some of them also desribed how to teach children to have sex with them and love them and they think that having sex with children(rapung choldren) can be consensual if you get into a love relationship with a child. Also you can trick most men into admitting that they want to fuck 12 year olds, i did it multiple times. Men are so primitive and inferior it's insane... Idk why we are supposed to submit to their inferior nature and pander to their sexuality and givw them power, like its something more powerful and superior while men are just pathwtic pig honestly idk its not even scary to me anymore i just see men as primitive inferior anmals with low EQ idk why tf porn even exists and why women hypersl secualize themselves and turn into fuck toys become pornstars etc to serve male sexuality if their sexuality is so fucking primitive WE DONT HAVE TO BE OPRESSED BY MALE SEXUALITY AND PRESSURED TO SUBMIT TO IT. Its inferior to us. Women should be dominant and have power over men cause men are stupid, its obvious, why would you submit to something primitive and inferior to you why would you submit to someone who opressed you and hates u and is so controled by their dick and easily develops fucked up sadistic fetishes and is so fucking compulsive that they cant control themselves sometimes. Its so easy for men to become degenerate and sick