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I don't even know what to say to these women, I'd tell them they are fucking retards but they probably get off on being insulted and looked down on if they believe it's a man commenting. (I'm autistic too and autistic people are not retarded lol, so I don't mind calling people retards, it's a really good word). Right now on tiktok women are "reclaiming" the word bimbo, and aspiring to look like on those bimbo fetish subs, apparently this is empowering because they are "not worried about doing or not doing something based on men's perception" but doing it because they want to. Any suggestion that they should think about why they want to be this way is called internalized misogyny, because obviously if you criticize anything a woman does it means you have internalized misogyny.

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Women really have flushed our image down the toiled in just few decades. Everything that our grandmothers and their mothers fought for to get women to be respected and taken seriously is now undone by all these "empowered" thots all over internet and media, screaming loudly about how much they love to be bimbos and cumrags and daddy's little girls and victims! Women's credibility is being completely eroded, just so these braindead morons can have male validation. Knowing that this is how everyone sees me as a woman makes me want to go live in the woods and never interact with any other humans again.

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They make all women look absolutely retarded, it's embarrassing. Imagine going to a fucking job interview and it's a bunch of men interviewing who constantly see women online show off how stupid they are... remember when it used to be women in STEM, women are just as capable as men, showing women working in labs etc? I guess that was too much effort so it's all women in porn, onlyfans and twerking on tiktok. I can't imagine any of those girls I see on there ever getting any respectable job when they have uploaded such videos of themselves. Also recently on titkok, girls talking about how turned on they get watching Lolita... nothing better than letting men know that women are turned on by pedophilia. I think a lot of these women into DDLG are pedophiles themselves. At this point I'm pretty sure women are just as horrible as men, because wtf??? Going on tiktok to see what the zoomers are up to is just destroying any hope I had left.

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oh so you are still naive..."get women to be respected and taken seriously" it will never happen. That's the whole point men don't even respect their hard working not submissive wives they cheat or look for abusive porn because wife is not "submisiive enough". Sexism in IT industry and other professions is real, women trying to be more respected in male dominated field is still a joke/threat whatever. You think that because there are sluts "normal" women are not respected? Please wake up. "Knowing that this is how everyone sees me as a woman" - you have said that men never see women as people so... what's the point one day magically they will start respect women or what ? It is better to be slut than being battered married woman with 4 children one with down syndrome or working ass off sleep 5 hours only to be ridiculed by men and paid shit.

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if you want to defend thots, go do it somewhere else honestly. this is the ONLY place on the internet where women don't need to kiss these skank's ass and pretend like they are some heroes. you are probably some "ex-thot" anyway based on how defensive you get.

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These dumb hoes are perfect example of why I'm proud to be female misogynist lol. Women really are just as bad as men and belong together with their psychopath "daddies". How is it even possible to lack any self-respect or dignity like this ? How? I can not comprehend this. I resent women like this so much. You don't see black people deliberately putting on some "happy slave" acts for white people, or gays degrading themselves for straights, or jews for gentiles, or ANY OTHER OPPRESSED GROUP. It's literally only women who act like this, who love to degrade themselves for their oppressors, who enjoy being called slurs and abused by people who they damn well know hate them. Only women WANT to be seen as inferior and subhuman. Nobody else. If I was a man and saw women constantly act like this and literally feminists praising it, I wouldn't respect women either.

I'm supposed to have solidarity with these stupid cumrags when they get doxxed and lose their jobs or one of their male "fans" rapes them? I don't think so. I have nothing in common with them and I have no sympathy, I would never help a woman like this even if she was being murdered lol.

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ok but they are fucked mainly because of MEN this is not normal behaviour they probably have fucked-up family, maybe brother raped them or have abusive father etc. Many abused women grow up to be fucked-up. Of course average woman is submissive but this is another level of retardation and being slave. I don't think these women are normal. This is case for psychiatrists.

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Honestly I don't care anymore. Maybe they were molested, maybe not. But that doesn't remove their responsibility. They are a still adults who CHOOSE to behave in ways that harm all women. If they have trauma, they should be going to therapy, not enabling male supremacy and rape culture for attention. I'm done with coddling women who are making my life harder and who would call me a feminazi bitch and hope I die if I tried to tell them to stop. They hate women like me and I hate them, the end. They will never seek help and they will never change their behaviour and even if they did, more stupid thots like these will take their place. It never ends so whatever.

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yeah but maybe they are not that stupid possibly get money for this behaviour...maybe they know that men won't respect them whatever they do. You are either cold bitch, slut, boring vanilla for men etc never human only property, slut or invisible so.. why even try ? they probably make better money being sluts than working in normal job. Tell me if you are respected by men. What's the point trying to be respected by men it rarely happens only in movies probably. Try working with men they really don't respect ANY women sluts or not. They don't respect paramedic women, IT women is just laugh for them etc. I remember sexist behaviour from men when I was applying for IT job. One fucked-up company even tried to sued me when I wrote that they are full of sexist, retarded moids LOL. I am always fighting but you can't blame women for giving up.

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There's more to life than money. And no,men will never respect women but women have worked hard to get even the little crumbs of respect we get from society, to be able to have careers and live independent life. Just as women started to make some small progress in society and carve our own space, women like these will do all they can to sabotage it. If you think 24/7 exposure to this shit doesn't make sexism worse, I don't know what to tell you. We are already in danger to lose a lot of the rights we've fought for, good luck convincing people that women can be trusted to take responsibility in our own bodies and sexuality when this is the image people constantly see. We we will lose abortion rights in a lot of countries and a lot of women will be forcibly made into baby factories or die, and these thots are helping to make this reality by pandering to worst stereotypes about women as irresponsible dumb whores. These women haven't given up anything and they aren't some enlightened black pilled rebels, they are just going along with what men want because it's the easy way and they don't care what happens to other women.

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Sure, men don't respect women a lot no matter what the situation, but it's mindnumbingly retarded to think these thots haven't made the situation 10x worse.

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Again no matter what we do we lose so WHY even try ? I am from Poland very Catholic country, sluts are shaming, no LGBT rights but women now lost right to abortion, protest are everywhere. Actually I think it is good less women will breed I hope. But sluts and leftists have nothing to do with this, kinks and BDSM are taboo here, women are not complaining about retarded shit on twitter but we still are not taken seriously. We can only win by stop breeding men. I can tell you catholic shithole is far worse than US with all this transgender shit and sluts.

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I have sort of sympathy for these stupid submissive women because they are often molested by father, raped when they were 13 years old etc.. they are fucked in their head yeah but often this superfemininity is just form of trauma. Women from "normal" families (I don't believe in completely normal hetero relationships but you know sort of normal) are not super feminine and desperate. I come from quite normal family and I have always hated men because I am not submissive, feminine woman and I can see what men really are.

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Hyper femininity is 100% some form of trauma, coping mechanism or self harm i know cause i was coping this way too and the desire to be dominated by men self sexualization is a cope too there some mental issues going on in most women or conditioning

I was even into this daddy kink but now when i healed it and started loving myself truly it gone away and i got traumatized by just even being into it qnd fantasizing ans watching porn like... This is traumatic and women who are into this are ill and cant think clearly cause thwy are traumatizing themselves and hurtinf themsleves and think they are ok but they r not

Im healthy now im even not depressed anymore after 8(!) ywars i love myself i got out of ed i no longer h*te myself, my body my mind im confident and have hight self esteem and rhe though of being dominated by men makes me so damn sick i wanna scream its harmful

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Yo another sub that proves to me that most women are r word is r/cumsluts i never seen women do omething more stupid. Like... That u for serving the patriarchy and perpatuating the humiliation and degradation of women and make men see women as cumdumpsters and cocksuckers cause thwir braind are fried from watching this shit. What men did to deserve being served liek thwy are gods while thwy are literally a evil parasites? Men would never humiliate themlseves like this fir women pleasure MEN WOULD NEVER DEGRADE THEMSLEVS AND PUT THIS MUCH EFFORT TO SEVRE US MEN WOULD NEVER LOVE WOMEN THEY WAY WOMEN DO MEN. IF MNE WERE HUMILIATED THEY WAY WOMEN ARE THWY WOULD KILL US. So the fact that women humiliate themselves like this for male pleasure proves that women are dumb??? Or?? Cause i dint even know anymore. All the women i know irl are so naive, unaware and forgive men everything and kneel in front of men like men are their gods. Men don't desevre all of that shit. Men are inferior af. Why? Lol just think about it. Why would u sevre someone inferior to you and bring youself to their level. Why male inferioeity is treated as something SUPERIOR that women have to sumbit to and accept it and pander to it?

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look at trauma-bonding: it explains a lot why many hetero women are so fucked-up

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Please make this a seperate post.

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Yes. Trauma bonding is what fuels many het women to suck up to shitty daddydoms.

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Lmao top post from the past week is literally titled "let me service you"

Men literally get served like they are gods and women willingly choke on their dicks knowing that men are selfish egoistic evil rapey peadophiliv monsters who hate women and they hate u too. Proof that most women are pivkmes = women are stupid?

Some wimen would literally let men face fuck them knwoing that those men are rapist and misogynistic trash human being