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There are a lot of countries where a white woman (especially with light hair) can't even walk around safely and without harassment, for exactly the reasons you state. Even southern-European countries have constant street harassment, and "exotic" blonde women have it bad there. All of Africa and Middle-East is basically no-go-zone for a white woman. Of course local women are treated like dirt in those countries too, but there is a double standard where foreign, especially white women are seen as promiscuous and acceptable targets. The grooming phenomenon in UK and other European countries, done by muslim male immigrants, is a perfect example. Their own women are protected by a "honor culture" where the woman's brothers and father will protect her "purity" so it's dangerous for a muslim man to rape a muslim girl. But white girls don't have this protection and they are seen as corrupt and slutty, while muslim men both resent and fetishize white women.

Basically white women lost the protections we had under patriarchal chivalry culture, which isn't necessarily that bad because chivalry requires absolute male power over women and is deeply hypocritical and western societies became more safe for women in many ways. But then we import men from cultures that are still stuck in the middle ages, and the predictable thing happens. European societies don't do anything to protect their own girls and women, because white men don't care about chivalry (white men couldn't care less if their wives and daughters are raped and murdered, since they wont be rewarded with virginal submissive child-wives anymore, and I wont even get to the fact that most white men are obsessed with the fantasy of white girls being raped by animalistic black man, they probably enjoy their daughters being gang-raped honestly) and because feminists are too busy deep-throating "innocent oppressed muslim menz" dicks.

It is deeply ironic that feminists loathe western white societies where women OBJECTIVELY are treated better than anywhere else, by a huge margin too, and are doing everything they can to destroy the advantages their female ancestors fought for so hard. All just because of their infantile daddy issue-fueled fake-misandry and fetishes toward "dangerous and exciting" dark skin men. Feminists literally cause young girls to be gand raped thousands of times and see nothing wrong with it. Feminism is not just useless nowadays, it's absolutely dangerous and deadly to the female gender.

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Mixed babies look ugly like elliot too

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Yep. But shhhhhh you can't say that out loud of course. Let's gaslight white women at every turn and scream racism! whenever we point out the truth. And let's be real: most white/European women would never admit to any of that because they have completely bought the idea of the 'oppressed male' that their knee-jerk reaction will be to defend these males. As for arabic, Turkish and black women, they of course defend the males from their communities. While these men treat them like shit.

European white women = whore, slut, easy in the minds of Arabs, Turks and blacks.
Many were born in Europe btw. Second, third and fourth generation. So they're not recent immigrants (not that this is an excuse obviously) at all. They've been here for decades. Yet haven't changed one bit. What a surprise! Recent migrants (Afghans for instance) are really fucking dangerous. Like, they literally think any woman walking the street deserve to be raped.

Go to any muslim neighborhood in Europe and you will be stared at (best case scenario), catcalled and harassed. Black christians (Rwanda, Congo, Ivory Coast) are not as bad (the bar is so fucking low) but you will be fetishized and preyed on as a white woman walking in African neighborhoods. No Indians where I live thankfully but from what I've heard they're the absolute worst. And of course, if you go to the countries of origin of these males, then it gets harder to deny that it's their shitty culture + male nature because they behave even worse than in the West.

I remember a few years ago a Dutch woman had the idea of taking a picture of every guy who was following her, catcalling her, harassing her, asking repeatedly for her number, etc. Many (most in fact) of these men weren't 'white' and most were smiling in the pictures. Check it out: