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For me it's just part of my overall misanthropic and pessimistic view of the world. Life is easier if you can delude yourself about things, but some people just aren't capable of it. I used to angst about it a lot more when I was younger ("impotent rage" is a good description) , now at 30 I've reached a point where I'm pretty apathetic about things. Humans are shit, life is full of suffering and injustice, then we die and there is no afterlife. I like to read about history and it reminds me that people had it a lot worse back in the day, really if you are living in industrial country today you have it better than most of humanity and most of your ancestors. I'm a natural introvert and almost a hermit, although I'm trying to be more social but it's hard because I don't feel like I can connect with people. I'm not interested in romance at the moment at all, but I could casually date/have sex with a man if I felt like I REALLY wanted it and being celibate was making me miserable, because I've never had a problem avoiding worst types of men and saying no or just walking away, so I doubt I would end up feeling used. But I've gotten fat since Covid started and I lost my job, so I'll probably stay celibate the rest of my life unless I manage to slim down again lol. I've definitely developed pretty thick skin, but mostly because I don't care about most people's opinions anymore, they make no difference to me.

Being aware of the bad things in the world never gets easy, but it's a gift and a curse. Accepting things you can't change, working on the things you can control. I like animals and I'm a vegetarian trying to become a vegan and trying to get more into animal activism/conservation, it feels nice to have a cause that isn't so stained with human shittiness (animals will thrive if they are left alone, humans cause their own problems). But it's also extremely depressing because you realize that 99% of humans don't have any empathy for any other species and it's a hopeless work too. Ultimately feeling bad about things doesn't make any difference, it's kinda selfish, only action matters.

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I can say 'ditto' to much of what has been said here already.

I don't publicly blackpill (sorry for verbifying that). But I also don't pretend to be something drastically different from what I am in public either. I just use common sense. For example, it is pointless (and dangerous) to discuss anything blackpill related with almost everyone, so I limit my conversations to non-provocative topics. I avoid talking to or interacting with males as much as is womanly possible. Sometimes, it is unavoidable. Luckily, I am 48 and I don't dress like I want male attention, so I've entered that mostly invisible phase of life that will follow me to my death. I'm unfortunately living in North America again after many years in the East, and socially/politically it is much worse than it was even 10 years ago. A bloody shock to my system, and I want out of here as soon as I can during this pandemic bullshit that Western governments don't seem to have the ovaries to clamp down on. If I can't be myself in public anywhere in the world and if I am going to be in danger as a white female everywhere in the world, then I'd still rather live in a conservative country that isn't filled with immigrant-rapist apologists and trannie-fuckers (aka liberals and handmaidens).

I save my blackpilled self for my writing, a good friend from China, and some folks I talk to online. It is always in the background for me as I wander the streets of the meat world. So I live blackpill, but quietly, unless I'm online - then it's loudly. If I can't write, then I'll go a bit nutso. I know this doesn't work for everyone, but I think writing is such an excellent outlet for active and frustrated minds. Some people might prefer making videos or podcasts or playing music - but having some outlet is crucial for mental health.

I guess I'm a realist, kinda cynical, critical, and like talking and thinking about dark, dark things, and I absolutely don't believe things are going to get better. Having said that, I still think there is enjoyment to be had in moments, and I actually enjoy helping select people (like others here, I waste less and less time on people who just want to use me) find those little ways to live, but also to thrive, in a world that really fucking hates them. You can be a doomer and still go about things in ways that help you sleep at night and that can make a difference in individual women's lives as well as your own. I don't believe in happiness, but I do believe in small joys.

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I resonate with a lot of what you said. For me, blackpill made me see the friendships and relationships I had in a different light. I am now careful about the people I get close to and honestly, most times I don't even feel like connecting with the majority. I am an introvert, so isolation isn't too hard for me. On the other hand, I wish I had a blackpilled friend irl. And regarding looks, I really don't care. I didn't, even before I became blackpilled. And now, I can't even think about being an object for men.

What really saddens me is that most women won't stick up for each other. I would love sisterhood to be a reality. But, I dont see it happening, especially with straight women. The most precious of my feminist delusion was shattered by blackpill. And I am thankful for that.

Apart from that, I still believe in change. Here, I don't believe I will have any blackpill support. But if science and technology can provide women a better life, I will gladly be open to the idea. After all, women do have better lives now, with the upgradation in technology, as far as women of the past are concerned.

I am also glad for this space. Seeing more women here gives me some sorta hope.

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I don't speak about my views in public obviously. I've learnt my lesson. The few times I said something very mild (compared to what I actually think) I got so much pushback. For instance, when I say that the vast majority of criminals are men (which is a basic fact) men flip out but so do women. I recently said to a female coworker that women shouldn't willingly put themselves in danger: for instance if they're hitchhiking (which isn't safe to begin with) at the very least they shouldn't get in a car driven by a man. This coworker accused me of victim-blaming bla-bla-bla. I'm so tired. Basic common sense is victim-blaming nowadays. So many women are fucking naive it's insane.

If I just keep my thoughts to myself, it's ok honestly. I don't engage in activism. I have a few friends. I'm looking for a girlfriend/wife and then I will be set. I will occasionally help an individual woman if I see she's in distress but other than that, I see no point in fighting for women, demonstrating, etc. It frees a lot of time and a lot of space in my head. I'm realistic about things which I think is good. I enjoy nature, books, music and the occasional movie. I focus on hobbies. I'm good. I've always been a pessimist/realist so that's a natural state for me. But being a pessimist doesn't mean I live my life in misery. Not at all.

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I compartmentalize, or I try to. In public, I avoid conflict, and I am generally easygoing and quiet. In private, I'm bitter, pessimistic, and tired of everything. I don't have the motivation to fight for anything or anyone anymore. Could be because of depression, or it could be because I'm disillusioned with most movements nowadays. I let out my blackpilled thoughts in private.

I get stuck in angry or depressive episodes too, but my goal in life is to live as comfortably as possible. I'm not an activist. I try to find some comfort in nature, music, reading enjoyable books, learning a new skill, etc. I used to feel ashamed focusing on myself, but I'm at the point where I've made peace with the fact that I'm one insignificant person and it's okay to go through life without trying to change people who don't want to change.

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