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You talk about USA dominating the world, but isn’t it more accurate to say that there is now some kind of amorphous global elite ruling the world?

Yes, of course, but they still need the US military to rule the world. "All power grows out of the barrels of guns," Mao Zedong said. And this isn't something only communist politicians knew. Every American politician knows this. Politicians who support endless wars in the Middle East and regime change """revolutions""" around the world aren't exactly very trustworthy for telling the peasants that "violence is never the answer." Powers grows out of the barrels of guns, and these guns need to be paid. And this is the moment where the nationality does matter again. US military, US nukes, US courts. Look at the way the US forbids Russia to sell gas to Germany now. ("Nord Stream 2") Germany is not allowed to buy cheap gas from Russia but forced into buying more expensive gas from the US. (=higher energy prizes for German citizens) This wouldn't be possible without the US military.

Admittedly, the general EFFECTS of what we're talking about is pretty much the same. You say "an amorphous global elite" will rule the world, I say, the capitalist ruling class of the US will rule the world. But at the end of the day, it won't even make much of a difference who of us is right because my prediction will pretty much result in the same shit your prediction would result in. Because a ruling class ruling world-wide does obviously not have any interest in the nation-state, borders, sharp religious or racial distinctions etc. anymore. And the US ruling class will then treat US citizens the same way they have treated the citizens of South America, the Middle East, East Asia, etc. I mean, this process is obviously already going on. Cornel West once talked about the "niggerzation of America": EVERYONE will then be "niggerized", to use his words.

I'm pretty sure that over the next four years, the Biden/Harris administration will ruthlessly crush Antifa and BLM and beat these useful idiots back into the kennels like the dogs they are. The American/ized left is a bunch of Frankensteins cheering for the creation of a monster that will soon devour them as well. (And soon deplatform and cancel them as well IF they are serious about their medicare and anti-war stuff, etc.)

Come to think of it ... if the American/ized Left ARE Frankensteins cheering for the creation of a monster that will soon devour them as well, right-wing populists WERE Frankensteins who have cheered for the creation of a capitalist and imperialist monster that has grown so big that it doesn't need the nation-state and a middle-class anymore, lol. They were perfectly fine with """globalism""" as long as it only affected black and brown people, the Middle East, South America, etc. And they cheered for "deregulation" believing in the trickle-down ideology, lol.

In a way, it's poetic injustice happening right now. American patriots are now getting a treat of their own medicine.

Alas, I'm sitting in the same boat as all/most other people and women, so...