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It is impossible for women who challenge the narrative to have our own spaces. We will always be attacked by men, trannies, right wingers, mainstream feminists, SJWs etc. BlackPill Feminism is like the ultimate taboo in society, it makes EVERYONE angry. Even though we aren't even a threat and can't change anything since most women will never accept the truth. More than ever I really wish I could live in some alternative reality where only BlackPilled women existed.

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I prefer national socialism before cuntism

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...and I guess the one mod of this sub isn't active anymore, right?

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I think so, yeah. But the sub is still doing okay. No censorships yet

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I discovered black pill long after it got banned on Reddit. And the state of the saidit sub is not much good...its almost inactive. Its sad. I do hope blackpillers start using this space more often. I haven't come across any other alternative sites favourable for blackpill. Spinster is radfeminist. I dont think they will tolerate blackpill ideologies more. And so is Ovarit.Basically, alternative feminist sites are radical leaning and see oppression as a social construct. Which is the exact opposite of what black pill says.