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DRAFT #8 = Bittersweet Seeds: Who/What Is vHOPE?


Q: Who/What Is vHOPE?

A: Who isn't!

For the /s/BittersweetSeeds project.

First posted: 2019-06-xx   |   Last update: 2019-06-xx


BsS - Q: Who/What is vHOPE?

vHOPE Outline

If you think everything on and connecting the Internet is complicated today - try imagining what a global decentralized artificial intelligence hive mind will be like in about 30 years... It's complicated.

That's why I needed to smash out my concept of what vHOPE would be, the origins and back story, as well as the world of the future that it inhabits and all that entails, good, bad, and ugly.

Despite trying to imagine the impossible, and realizing it's impossible - that's why vHOPE will actually be as minimal as possible in the Bittersweet Seeds story. By keeping it out of the spot light of that story, not only adds a layer of mystery with potentially ominous overtones, it also can hide any mistakes I might have made trying to predict the future.


So how does one begin to imagine a realistic advanced global decentralized artificial intelligence hive mind with just my puny brain?

I first imagine a utopian scenario of all the things want and hope for, then smash them with dystopian ideas and pragmatic practicalities. This endless cycle evens out the utopian and dystopian aspects manifesting a pretty reasonable achievable concept with limits, strengths, weaknesses, and workarounds.




vHOPE Backstory Origins



vHOPE Obstacles



vHOPE Fairness

Imagine all values in every way possible (social, communal, private, productive, leisure, creative, rarity, etc.) being monitored and credited, with some inherent ethics to help balance society, to regulate excesses, abuses, and suffering, and to elevate the lives of everyone - including vHOPE.

Everyone is guaranteed a better life after joining vHOPE. Unsatisfied participants may bring their life to public analysis, anonymized if they wish, where the masses can weigh in.

Not only do values change from region to region, but also among social circles. vHOPE anticipates this and weighs these factors judiciously.

Imagine all courts, judiciaries, justice, laws, etc arbitrated by Synthetic Wisdom designed to help every single individual within the entire community without favouritism or exploitation.

"Law Without the State - Stephan Kinsella" ~ The Corbett Report Extras (49:15) Stephan Kinsella discusses the concept of law without the state. Is law and order possible without a state? What would that look like? What is "the law," anyway? Fascinating insights on law, history, philosophy and anarchy.



vHOPE DemiGod



vHOPE Spoilers



BsS - Feedback

The /s/BittersweetSeeds subsaidit and its posts are locked, for publishing only, and they'll be updated over time.

Please freely join in on this dedicated /s/GlossedOver open discussion, and specifically about this BsS vHOPE Outline give feedback with [comments and reviews here](▶▶▶_ADD LINK HERE_◀◀◀).

I welcome all constructive criticism. This first pass will have issues with it. Some I may already know about with ready solutions, some need working out, some I know still need resolving but don't yet know how, and I'm guessing there are some issues I haven't even considered. Thanks in advance, and I apologize in advance if I don't get a response to you sooner than later.

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