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  • BsS Draft7 = BsS: Breakdowns & Backstories
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DRAFT #7 = Bittersweet Seeds: Breakdowns & Backstories

BITTERSWEET SEEDS - Breakdowns & Backstories

Plot breakdowns, character arcs, and character backstories.

For the /s/BittersweetSeeds project.

First posted: 2019-06-xx   |   Last update: 2019-06-xx


BsS - Plot Breakdown

This deconstructive study might better be started by referencing the following (that will be summarized after the Vomit and/or First Drafts):

  • Bittersweet Seeds: Story Summary Variations, with SPOILERS
    • Bittersweet Seeds: Logline / Elevator Pitch - 1 or 2 LINE plot summary
    • Bittersweet Seeds: Outline - 1 or 2 PARAGRAPH plot summary
    • Bittersweet Seeds: Synopsis - 1 or 2 PAGE plot summary
    • Bittersweet Seeds: Treatment - ~10 PAGE long form summary
    • Bittersweet Seeds: Novelette - detailed short story or novel, not in screenplay format
    • Bittersweet Seeds: Feature Screenplay / Movie Script - 90 to 120 PAGES = 90 to 120 minutes




BsS - Character Arcs

For the Vomit Draft I'm going to just worry about the main protagonist and his arcs through the whole story. I'll worry about everyone else in minor Vomit Draft revisions and subsequent versions. This means before the Vomit Draft starts I'll map out his arcs here.

BsS - Ernest Achbar, main protagonist




See: Who/What is vHOPE?, wiki draft.


BsS - Other Characters' Arcs

ERNEST - main protagonist
CELINE - Ernest's wife
CELESTE - Ernest & Celine's daughter



BsS - Character Backstories



BsS - Feedback

The /s/BittersweetSeeds subsaidit and its posts are locked, for publishing only, and they'll be updated over time.

Please freely join in on this dedicated /s/GlossedOver open discussion, and specifically about this "BsS Breakdowns And Backstories" give feedback with [comments and reviews here](▶▶▶_ADD LINK HERE_◀◀◀).

I welcome all constructive criticism. This first pass will have issues with it. Some I may already know about with ready solutions, some need working out, some I know still need resolving but don't yet know how, and I'm guessing there are some issues I haven't even considered. Thanks in advance, and I apologize in advance if I don't get a response to you sooner than later.

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