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Sounds like a man abused by a system.

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We put way too much faith in "the system." It allows the abuse of literally everyone! However, a good strict bible centered church with a good God fearing congregation, in my experience, tends to weed out the abusers.

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Oh I just meant: he outright said that if he did anything, he would have been destroyed. He wasn't abused because he couldn't stop her, but because if he stopped her, the risk was high that he'd be punished for it.

I'm Catholic, but nevertheless, that's true. I'd add a caveat: to be Bible-centered, people have to read their Bible. All of it. And deal with it, including the parts they dislike.

It dawned on me at one point that many people who 'Read their Bible every day!' are reading the exact same handful of parts they like and make them feel good, usually uplifting parts. The parts of the Bible which grate on them or make them feel uneasy, they never read again.