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However I give him credit for his foresight.

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It was not a difficult prediction. If you crack the foundation, society will echo.

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They only have to realize that God isn't dead. We might not be able to determine the future of mankind, but you can determine the future of your soul.

A stoic passage I like from Marcus Aurelius's Meditations:

If there are gods, you have no reason to fear your flight from the land of the living, for they will not let any harm come to you; and if there are no gods, or they are indifferent to the affairs of men, why wish to go on living in a world without them or without their guidance and care? But in fact, there are gods, and they do care about men, and they have made it possible for men to guard themselves against what is truly evil. Were there any evil in what awaits us, they would have given us the means of avoiding it.

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The impressive part is that Nietzsche was an atheist and he argued for Christianity.