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I am not with the six millions, I am not with the deniers.

1897: The First Zionist Congress. The messiah is now a piece of land. But Jews needed a bit of encouragement to leave everything back in their homes to get to the desert.

1933: the possibly descending from Jews herr diktator Adolph, who very well knew how proper genocide is performed (ask the Armenians), does instead things like the haavara agreement.

The 6 million number was IIRC part of a prophecy, so it is probably made up. But it's very likely that a large number of that Jews that did not want to return to Palestine has been snuffed. A literal sacrifice.

It is difficult to rationalize otherwise how the people who suffered from racial discrimination and violence in germany get to Israel and DO EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS to Arabs. This is not vengeance (if you want to see vengeance, see the machinations of Soros with european finances and probably with immigrants). This is the same people adopting the same methods. First on their own, then on arabs.

Am I right, am I wrong? dunno. All I know is that history is written by the winners and that evil knows no boundary, no nationhood, no religion. You make up your own opinion.