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GMVH = Greater Male Variability Hypothesis. I guess the most commonly cited example of this would be greater male variance in IQ scores, though some research suggests this phenomenon also possibly manifests in personality:

(It does say that women are more varied in neuroticism however. We don't know exactly why. Greater male variance in IQ is still a mystery, though some studies suggest higher mathematical ability in low-testosterone scrotes than high-testosterone ones. Meanwhile, high-testosterone women had better scores than low-testosterone women. Back to personality -- it seems like differences are noticeably larger in more egalitarian cultures:

Even partially blackpilled women let their ego get in the way of acknowledging this. It's not impossible for it to be wrong, but it's also important to think about the implications if it were to be unequivocally true. I am willing to recognize every humiliating, horrifying, and uncomfortable truth about my own gender if I can use that knowledge to figure out my next moves. Because they seem to be more heterogeneous, we should prioritize targeting the most inimical ones. These include:

  • Scrotes with an IQ above 100, or maybe even any scrote with an IQ above 85. Obviously some unintelligent scrotes can be surprisingly efficient in their carnage (cf. one of my favorite mass shooters, Martin Bryant, or serial killers like Gary Leon Ridgway), but they are at least predictable. There are also some rather intelligent serial killers, i.e. Rodney Alcala, or Charlene Gallego. (Her most notable feature to me was that she had a tested IQ of 160 -- generally I find most of the few female serial killers to be a snoozefest. Though I do like Aileen Wuornos for her unorthodox and masculine modus operandi of shooting her victims in the open, and not really for political reasons. I'm more of a mass killer than a serial killer person, however.)

  • Scrotes born after 1980, with increasing emphasis on the youngest. They are the ones who will determine our future as the old guard dies off, and we all know society is just getting more misogynistic. Also, old scrotes will die sooner and require less attention to manage.

  • Obviously, rich scrotes. Especially if its not mostly liquidity and they have ample land, resources, and social connections. There are an estimated 10-20 million USD millionaires in the world, and scrotes are the majority of these.

  • Physically fit scrotes, especially those who are professional fighters or train in martial arts. Laws don't matter when you are alone with those creatures.

Anyway, I feel like some women here downplay the importance of stereotypical male talents and pretend they only have an arbitrary value enforced by androcentrism. We're an embarrassment to actually strong women like Mae Jemison, who had much less encouragement back in her day and still managed to become an astronaut, engineer, and physician. Everything important in society needs math skills. All electronic technology is predicated on the work of skilled mathematicians, and today everything important runs on computers. If an EMP or hacking of public infrastructure occurs -- and both will be increasingly more likely -- civilians won't even be able to get running water.

This sounds malicious, but I LOL at women thinking we need to become web developers for Twitter or avoid the tech industry because it is infested by nYggers. We act like we are so scared, but we sure don't act desperate. I would spend 16 hours a day digging trenches and doing construction work for everyone here, even those who don't like me, if it meant we could be truly independent. Want to join the tech industry? Feminists don't even think about hardware. Who among us can operate a semiconductor fab?

A separatist society needs personnel in energy, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry, fishing, hunting, mining, construction, manufacturing, vehicle maintenance, electronics repair, emergency medicine, cyber security, and people with more serious coding skills (e.g. people who can build an OS instead of just people who can code a Tumblr theme but know nothing about maintaining a server).

We need to be more desperate.