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These people complain about being oppressed only because it's happening to them. I can tell that many people here do not respect how much labor, physical and intellectual, goes into sustaining their pampered lifestyle. Just like the rest of liberal feminists who want us to become web developers instead of going into the trades, or at least picking a more intellectually stimulating field like electrical engineering. It's incredibly high-paid too, but they will not even consider the idea until someone else tells them it is possible.

Nor do they comprehend anything about geopolitics, economics, or history. Why is Hitler regarded as the archetype of evil in the West, when so many evil people have existed since? WWII was probably the last time these people came close to true societal hardship.

In my homeland, it was only two decades ago there was a civil war followed by insurgency and violence. We responded to this naturally, but people think we are psychopaths. When the real psychopaths are the USians who were sniffing for oil around the Caspian Sea in the 1990s and decided to import Islamic terrorism into the area, in order to destabilize the region and build their own pipeline.

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It's not incredibly active and much different over at the other site, but please consider making your way over there. It's at minimum still female social contact where you can be somewhat honest (at least within bpf, there's an oppressive miasma of self loathing externally from it but still some good here and there). Bonus that you can discuss hobbies or interests that aren't BPF-related, which you can technically do on saidit as well but the reliability factor is variable.

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I'm lazy when it comes to social media but I might consider it later. It seems like a lot of attempts to expand gender analysis via a biological/evolutionary lens ultimately devolve into recycled radical feminist discourse, I think anything under the banner of feminism will not be helpful.