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Muslim migrant males need to start being shot on sight. I don't care anymore. I immediately clocked them. They're all the same.

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I fucking hate them. My experiences with them have been terrible. They're savages who need to die.

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When it comes to street harassment and street violence, black and brown men are the fucking worst. And I don't even think that this is merely the fault of the religion of Islam. After all, Christian and lapsed/agnostic/"Westernized" black and brown men are pretty much the same, and most of these European Muslims are extremely Americanized anyway, spending more time listening to American hip-hop stars than to bearded Imams in a mosque. Even their vernacular is increasingly woke and American. The other day on TikTok, I saw some Arabs use the woke American term "cultural appropriation" to describe a regional supermarket selling kebab ingredients, lol!

Sometimes Islam feels less like a religion to me and more like some sort of ethnocultural bubblegum, keeping 1001 ethnicities (Chechens, Turks, Tunisians, Algerians, Morrocons, etc.) more or less together.

And they all have this weird relationship with white women: on the one hand, they consider white women to be the most attracted and are sexually obsessed with us, on the other hand, they hate them. And non-white women have the same relationship with white men, this love/hate Daddy-issue relationship with white men where they spend all day on Twitter shitting on white men and all night fantasizing about being ravaged by one:

Of course, this doesn't mean that white and Asian men are necessarily "better." Usually, they just have more impulse control and higher IQs than black and brown men, so the more complex systems and structures of misogyny (e.g. the international porn industry, transgenderism, economic systems resulting in black and brown men being imported to the West to drive down wages for the working-class, etc.) are filled with more white and Asian men.

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There's a big difference between Westernized people and Muslims. Saudi Arabs and Arabs of the UAE are of the exact same phenotype and religion but vastly different in rates of street harassment and violence. In Turkey there's a whole schism between the two kinds of people: the White Turk vs Black Turk movement. Armenians and Azeris are two South Caucasian peoples living side-by-side; most Armenians are Christian, most Azeris are Muslim. Toss a coin, guess who you'd rather live with, guess which people has a life that is hell for women.

Even in countries where men are universally awful, like in India or to some extant in Russia, the Muslims are notoriously worse.

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young males are the worst even in statistics most crimes are committed by young males age 14-30 older fuckers just beat and kill their own wives not strangers lol most young males even look and behave weird like they are on drugs or have adhd