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The moid looks so dead inside in the right pic, i'm crying laughing

Meanwhile in his head "makin coin from mumsy cowtits. gotta buy game. must game. umga bumga"

Also 0 surprise she is Brazilian.

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Just imagine people in the decaying Rome hearing about some loony Emperor having orgies with infants and farm animals and being like "yup, just normal day in the greatest civilization on earth". That's where we are.

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Sporus was a young boy whom the Roman Emperor Nero favored, had castrated, and married.[1][2][3][4] Nero had Sporus appear in public as his wife wearing the regalia that was customary for Roman empresses.

This is pretty much where we are again...

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Are these real names and they really are mother and son ? because I sometimes think these fucked-up stories are just made up bullshit by bored journalists just like "true" stories in reality shows. Sometimes you even watch documentary and you think oh yeah so it is based on real story and these are real people not actors. But at the end they tell you this is just based on real story (or fake who knows they can tell whatever they want) but these are actors and it is paradocumentary but you watched the whole shit so they have money from you. I think it is the same with these stories the more fucked-up story (most of the time fake) the more people click the more money they get from commercials on the site.

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Nah, I'm pretty sure that this is true. She also has an IG account:

Besides, these days, I have more faith in the yellow press reporting on fucked-up OF stories than in the New York Times reporting on racism and Russia. It reminds me of this meme where you have an IQ bell curve with the retard on the lower end of the bell curve and the genius on the higher end of the bell curve agreeing on something while the Reddit normie in the middle disagrees with both of them, lol. So while the Reddit normies think that yellow press articles such as these are fake and demand further sources from NYT, WaPo, MSNBC, etc. both the retards and the geniuses just roll their eyes and think, "Oh yeah, that IS the clown world we are living in these days..."

(The same meme could apply to evobio, btw, with both the retards as well as the geniuses acknowledging the significance of human nature and biology, while the Reddit normies in the middle believe in >muh socialization only.)

(I hope I'm not a retard and don't claim to be a genius, but ... you get the point, lol!)

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Newuser88 has a point about questioning the validity of the article. In today's ultra fucked world, it wouldn't surprise me if it's real though. If she's already been in men's magazines, it's pretty clear that this sort of thing has been normalized in their household though. And is he looking into her tits like they're about to tell him the future in that first picture, or am I nuts? I'm looking at it on a mobile phone, so I'm having trouble getting it to load in detail.

This is depressing, if real. It's depressing even if it's a joke or meant to be subversive. This isn't how you raise someone to support you, it's how you raise someone to see you and every other woman as coom folder fodder.

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And is he looking into her tits like they're about to tell him the future in that first picture, or am I nuts?

Oh definitely but I think it is photographer, editor etc. who told him to look at breasts normally he should look into camera, so for me 1:0 for staged shit to cause controversy not true story

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Well, I don't think they have hots for each other, it's just posturing for coomers. I also think that this ill be this lad's least exploitative endeavor in life.

Also Noticed in 'sex worker interviews' they always ask if the male owner of the cunt is ok with other males using it, that they're asking her son here instead of the usual bf/husband just reinforces incest overtones.