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Diole has a lengthy record that includes robbery, assaults, criminal threatening and violation of probation.


That's all we need to know. This sewage rat is a public threat and he's out in the streets. Coward morals and shitty justice system, no one does shit and they'll still have the nerve to question the victim.

Killing these people is sanitization. It's good for everyone. Keep this turd-face moid out of the gene pool.

Seeing those things just reassure me that rape is an actual, established reproduction strategy. If there's a constant thought on males minds, that is rape. The trashiest genes wanna replicate themselves so they coerce and traumatize females forever. And thus trauma bonding begins, "civilization" and nuclear family have its glue. Everything men do is to rape women. Everything women do is to protect themselves from being raped constantly.

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Everything men do is to rape women. Everything women do is to protect themselves from being raped constantly


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Fucking degenerate. Agree that killing them is sanitization.

Homeless men are THE most pathetic men. So you're a dude who's already above all females and somehow you're a bum? yeah you deserve it.

Yet I'm supposed to care about homelessness. Every time people pretend to care about something you know immediately it's because it affects men. The vast majority of homeless people are male. 9 out of 10, if not more.

Occasionally I'll see Roma women begging on the street with their 'children' (who should be in school but who cares?) who are probably not their children at all and are drugged up to stay still (that's Roma culture for you, isn't diversity wonderful?) but the reason women aren't homeless is because it's crazy dangerous to be a woman alone on the street. Something all women know. Women will do anything to stay off the streets, ironically they become prostitutes to avoid homelessness.