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That's the most coherent and succinct rant I've ever heard! I'm impressed. (And I'm not being sarcastic.)

Yeah, the biological cage has always pissed me off to no end. I definitely don't want to be a man - I mean, testicles? Need I say more? But I could do without the tits and the uterus (completely useless, but also a hindrance to getting shit done, imo) and the increasing concerns I have over bone density... anyhow, I've always dreamt of being part cyborg or something more evolved than human. Do away with males and biological reproduction, and keep whatever good shit exists in females mixed with some bionic whatevers. You could actually have a productive and satisfying life - free of male violence and their death drive, free of female mommy-worship and the IQ-lowering that always accompanies breeding. Sounds pretty good to me. And jeez, did I just have a fantasy that didn't have anything to do with torturing or gang-raping women? Anyhow, any human evolution has to involve the permanent removal of the Y-chromosome and the plasma it's attached to or that is attached to it (which also includes female hangers-on).

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I want more conversations like this, even in ovarit and fds they still have this fake hope for feminism while posting rant after rant about male depravity like it's fresh news. Like okay, and the sky is blue. Couldn't we create another group on reddit but with really strict rules and moderation?Fds is constantly bombarded with incels trying to invade and ban the sub but they are still thriving. Plus I know Peddit is fueled with scroteness but that's where I found out about bpf, idk I just miss the raw conversations we had there.

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I live for conversations such as these, a fresh take in the midst of apologetical ones that you can find anywhere else but to be honest, I'm counting weeks if not days before this sub gets overwhelmed with scrotes. And the same thing would happen with any subreddit that's not male-friendly.

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It's never gonna be as overwhelmed as the old sub was, because this one has at least some moderation

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I sincerely hope so.

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Men must be laughing at how ready women are to be their womb maids and sex toys

It's true. Men have it so damn easy and they laugh about it. Imagine oppressing, killing and terrorizing females since ever and they're still willingly tolerating them, sucking their dicks and birthing their children. Despite being hideous trash pigs, they won the biological lottery making women the useful idiots they are that serve them on a whim without questioning it.

I hate it here.

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Yeah I don't get statements like "I am proud of being woman" WTF ? Biology sucks even if you are not mother or wife and you are free not sex slave you still have painful periods until 50 years old and you are still afraid of being raped, men bully you or you have abusive or/and psycho coworkers/bosses, other women avoid or ostracize you because of your blackpill beliefs etc yeaah really amazing shit. Being woman is wonderful !! Moreover if you have not typical bubbly personality you are ostracized twice as much and basically it starts from birth ! Talk more, smile more etc. And if you have IQ over 100 you are screwed in this world full of idiots.

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And 99% of the women becomes masochists sooner or later cause there is no other way to like being a woman

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The rest? Idk maybe kill themslevs etc

I for example started having fantasies of transitioning to a male ir just cutting off my boobs etc and become genderless when i was 19 I dint have. a gender dyspboria but i dont wanna live and be perived as a woman and i dont wanna have any romantic sexual desires cause no woman can satisfy her romantic desires cause men are trash so u are suffering and unsatisfied ur whole life all u get is getting fucked by life and men(and somehow most women deisre being fucked and violeted and fall in love with thing that violate them and desire serving other and giving pove and empathy but you get nothing in return ) and u have to go trhough so much pain and humiliation you woman body brings you so i just wanna escape being a woman and live in peace

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I wish more women talked about this

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Women are literally opressing themslevs and eachother by staying silent with they pain

Just talk about it

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Yes, I agree!