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There are no genuine examples of matriarchal or even truly equal societies. Every such example you see is a case of western feminists twisting things or outright making up shit to make it fit their narrative.

The "walking marriage" tradition seems like it MIGHT possibly be better for women than typical patriarchal marriage where women are cut out from their own families and social groups and become more vulnerable due to that. Remaining with her family can afford a woman protection from things like spousal abuse and additional help in taking care of kids. But women can be also be very subjugated to their own families, and China has traditionally been particularly extreme case of this.

It's very telling that patriarchal society = women work more while men reap benefits, but "matriarchal" society is the same.

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Moids are the most evolutionary optimized parasites in the universe, I swear. Really, in most tribes/societies ever females always do most of the necessary work, males focus on what increases that male's status. It's metalwork and woodwork to make weapons and walls. It's big game hunting and war to divide meat and spoils for ally making and wife-capture. It's shamanism and witch-hunting - that it, male shamans do rituals that help them gain personal power, make wars happen and get people killed based on male gossip. In what is obvious to the most hopeful hippy to be a male dominated tribe it is certainly so, in "egalitarian" tribes males can't be assed to do childcare - they end up on top simply because they get to keep more time and resources - and the here's this.

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"From a rather misunderstood point of view, the women of the Mosuo are somewhat oppressed; the men are encouraged to do very little, and that in reality, patriarchy prevails.

A young Mosuo woman, filmed speaking with reporters from Journeyman Productions said, “[the tradition] keeps women tied to the home. There’s no such thing as equality here. Women work harder at everything, in every way. The money is looked after by men…everything is controlled by men. Even the important matters at home are controlled by men. How can you say women’s position is higher, when there’s not even a female leader in the village, it’s all done by men”."

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Isn't women doing all the work but men lazing around a million times better than men having their current powers with the work that comes with it?

What actually bereaves me here is the implication that men still have all the political power; they imply it wasn't that way in the past, which I hope is true. I've heard this of the Iroquois too, the Indian tribe Marx and Engels describe in a book on the origin of the family: the women had a greatly elevated status in the home and did all its work on nutrition, but the political power still belonged to men by right.

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Men have power but in every country on the fucking earth men live shorter than women. Women are so abused and raped but they still managed to live 80 years old or more. I don't get it. Men are so fucking horrible parasites that they have to do dangerous shit (drug abuse, alcohol, driving too fast etc) and they die due to this or women don't really find rape and abuse terrible and they can get through it like the most normal thing on earth. Normally women should live shorter due to fucked-up life circumstances.

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We live longer because we're the standard of our species. We have two sets of chromosomes that allow us to survive on adverse scenarios and sustain the survival of humans. The male is just a bulkier female on steroids and 38% less genetic material. That renders them defective to the core, no matter how much privilege and resources they obtain.