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Feminists do a good job to help them with that. There is this radfem in my country try that posted a pic in a shirt that says "i suck dick" lol imagine calling youself a radfem then using the most opressing misogynistic words that also can be fucking triggering and mentally terorrising to some women and even cause someone to have a panic attack bc of trauma etc.

Imagine what her 30 yo boyfriend is really thinking while fucking her lmao (she is 19 btw lol) i bet he is a fetishist

Maybe i don't even wanna know what he is really thinking cause knowing some of the things men say about women it would be traumatizing. I don't belive he is a 'feminist' lol he prolly gets off so good and its so satisfying to him to have a girl who calls herself a radfem and then submits to his dick that he prolly jacked of millions times before to some humiliating degrading opressing porn or maybe even raped someone before(lots of women are raped so msot men are rapist he could be one too just hides it) men are primitve af he probably loves it that she is a feminist and sees sex as revange or something degrading done to her. He must love it. Moids are like that, stupid pigs

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Definitely a revenge thing, on my country's imageboards there are occasional threads of 'i fuck a feminist' variety, where moids who date naive girls tell each other what they really think about their partners and women in general, which is pure hatred and joy of degradation. They can keep the charade of humanity on for years, and the women/girls really want to believe it. These must be a requisite fucking reading for beginners, an instant pinkpill, although many will still say these are just low-value moids, and they'll toootally pick better.

We also had some girls making apologetic videos directed at moids about how not sending them rape threats would be a Super Radical Feminist act and how radfem gets a bad cred and it's actually really about helping dudes. They called themselves radfems, never interacted with any part of the community - only with their mad moid commenters, and only nicely and submissively. I think they just didn't get the differences and wtf they were doing.

Some women legit only heard about radfem in passing on a lecture or some shit and instantly presumed to speak for it, or think that, since radfem is about liberation of all women, it must bend to accommodate them, not that they should do any the work. The fuckiest combo is both, like there was some korean celebrity who decided to call herself a radfem and then threw around accusations that radfems ruined her life because people were shitting on her for unpopular opinions and it's her right to be popular I guess. Labels don't mean shit this day and age, do they.

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What kind of things are said by these guys? The "I fuck a feminist" variety

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About how they hate women, they hate feminism, they despise their partners, bragging about all the domestic and sexual services they extract by lying to their face and subtle abuse, sharing nudes, laughing at their partners traumas, laughing at feminist positions about DV and rape and shit. Sometimes bragging about "breaking" a feminist (mindfucking her into man-worship) or "breaking" her by abuse, sharing tips. The constant is utter contempt for women in general and of course feminism, and her being gaslit into gratitude for dude repeating slogans or her trying to change him by luv, and his hatred of her in particular.

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He he definitely gets off to knowing he can get some really feminist young girl to submit to his dick. There was an article on Jezebel where this girl was going on about how shes a feminist but likes to be face fucked and tells guys him "to do the patriarchy" to her (face fuck her) like.. wtf? They get off to putting feminist women in their place.

Heres the article (Trigger warning its graphic) thats unfortunately burned into my brain permanently: