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In patriarchal countries like russia and other shitholes Fundamental Sciences (STEM) are a worthless unfunded waste of fucking time with equipment older than the demented old profs, pointless research programs and no money and prestige involved in most of STEM, except government-related shit which, surprise, has mostly male staff.

In patriarchal countries like emirates and other rich ones most researchers aren't from the local, actually small, employee pool, they are migrant/temp emloyees from everywhere else, and those live in their own world and are usually apolitical.

Nordic countries aren't in fact fucking close to feminist heavens, don't fucking have migrant workers doing most research, and their STEM field counts, pays and brings profit, so of course no way they'd just have women overtake it.

Most people aren't critical of STEM or Glorious North and can't fucking see it.

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*sorry for f-bombs i just fucking enter the f-word fucking mode on a fucking occasion

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In India at least I've seen with my own eyes that it's true. I've never seen Russia or Dubai.

EDIT: Indian parents are crazy for STEM.

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Nice to get a confirmation. Russia part is based on russia, emirates part - on stories I've heard from post-ussr postdocs who went there. One was a blue-haired rainbow-tatooed lesbian and in her lab like nobody was a local and they mostly didn't interact with locals and didn't give a shit about anything but their results, she was treated better than back home. I think places like that just don't want to create an intellectual strata as those tend to stir shit and rock the boat, and funny hat men no likey that, and the desperate young migrant scientists are more than eager to do their jobs and stfu.

Also, mega-patriarchal japan does have about 15% and declining women in stem, again, their science pays, but they don't import brains a lot, so doods get to gate-keep.

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to EDIT: lol, russian parents too, at least pre-zoomer ones. Because stem (TE part, really) was a legit social lift back in ussr and your kid had to get all the best grades to get here and a lot of parents beat the life out of their kids to make them school drones. It hasn't been prestigious since 80s at least, but the meme lives on and the child abuse continues.