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Their anal obsession is pretty revealing: "So what if it physically can't be pleasant to you, is probably painful and dangerous, you are just a set of holes anyway so what the big deal" -> "boohoo she told me she not gonna let me hurt her for fun, such manocide, so literally violence!"

The first moid feels like an unlovable piece of shit because he is an unlovable piece of shit, and the story is most likely bullshit. Even if it's technically not bullshit he just stayed with to to get laid and didn't give a fuck about her opinions until he learned he can drain more energy by presenting as a victim of evul beetch.

There are so many fucking moids who are shit, know they are shit, feel worse because they know they are shit, but blame others for making them understand they are shit.

Moids constantly lie about abuse from females. They make up fake rape stories lifted straight from moid-made porn, which is a reversal of what moids do to females as is (my mom wanted to fuck me! I was gang-banged by busty 16yo cheerleaders at 13!). I know of moids who pretended shitty sex was rape to STFU feminists, like a guy who fucked a teacher in high school and only remembered her being ugly as a negative, but pretended he was horribly raped by her on reddit. I can recall several fucking magazine pieces where narc abuser moids pretended they were the victims.

Able-bodied adult moids can't be fucking abused by partners because they have the power in any relationship and they most don't give a fuck about woman's opinion on anything, especially himself, only time when they do is when they are narc abusers and are fragile.

I know a guy who gets pommeled by his gf of 3 years, she nearly broke his ribs by surprise a couple of times, calls him names and shit and he couldn't care less. He won't break up because he gets laid and free meals. She's like that because she knows she's being used by a fucking insectoid but is a dummy with low self-esteem and won't let him die in his own shit. I know a bunch of fun, smiley old men with arrogant, bitchy, nasty wives and I know that these moids are to blame for their wives fucking hollowness because they sucked them out, often abused them decades prior. And the old dudes get all kinds of sympathy from people when they experience no more inconvenience than if their washing machine got too noisy one day. Fucking eternal parasites.

So yeah, hope they all boost up the male suicide stats, these maggots.

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The really sad thing about male suicide (besides it not happening nearly enough) is that they often take people (women and girls) with them. Now, why can't a suicidal male decide to kill another 5 males first before turning the weapon on himself??? That would be a good day.