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Degrees have been worthless for awhile now anyways.

The IQ distribution isn't the same for men and women. While both will average the same female IQ clusters in the middle. There are many more men at the top and bottom of the curve. As a result, men are more highly represented in high IQ required fields of study but there are less of them in college.

It doesn't stop with men and women. Different ethnic groups have different average IQ's / some of them dramatically different. Let's say for instance an area contains a bunch of Japanese (avg IQ 105) and Ethiopian immigrants (avg IQ 61). Policy makers will look at the local school and cry, "Racism! All the gifted spots are taken up by Asian students, and no Ethiopian's are in STEM." They will not however look at the track team and say, "Racism! All the elite stars are Ethiopians, and there are no Asians on track!".

People and policy makers are unable to acknowledge that evolutionary differences between ethnic groups and sexes don't stop at the neck. Until that happens, this madness will continue.

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In college, I was best friends with the guy who had the “walk on water” scholarship. He had a complete trust fund that would have paid for him to go nearly anywhere but he and I went to this hick liberal arts school because they all but paid us.

I got well more than half my education paid for but he got the full everything. Free room, board, tuition, books, stipend. So e would just petition his trust fund executor (his mom) for a nicer computer every year since that’s what he was studying.

Then my friend found out about this guy who was also in our same year. I can’t go so far as to say that he was “literally” retarded because I don’t recall what his actual condition was. He may have had some brilliance in there for something. But he was always very slow on the uptake, spoke with a more than moderately severe lisp that seemed to go far beyond any normal physical or emotional impediments, and had to have his text books scanned in and read to him by a computer.

It was college though and most peeps were pretty cool so if anyone ever made fun of him, even the biggest assholes almost always jumped to his defense. I have to say, he always did enjoy it A LOT when other people made fun of the people who tried to make fun of him. All in all, I’d say, he was about on par with someone with slightly less emotional and intellectual capacity than Old Gregg. If you gave him some time, he could often come up with something observant or funny to say but he had zero ability to connect with most other people, well beyond autism.

My walk on water friend never made fun of him. Never spoke to him. Never acknowledged him. But OBVIOUSLY was FURIOUS that “this person” was going to earn the same degree as him. To which I always reminded him that he had picked this college himself. I’m paraphrasing for plausible deniability but our school ACTUALLY billed itself as the top choice for the average student. My friend and I were just the filler they paid to maintain the curve average students would expect.

So anyway, for some reason, this retard was both given a drivers license and allowed to drive and obviously then crashed his car and died. All I’m saying is, things find a way of evening out in the end.

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Not totally worthless. That's certainly not how the math works out. "You're a woman with a degree from SU, you might as well be functionally retarded!"

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Wow, that’s not the least bit offensive.

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Facts don't care about your feelings.

Why did you think telling the world how you feel was going to accomplish anything?

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Fuck you faggot. No one gives a shit what you think a “fact” is.

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A homophobic slur, from someone who's concerned about offending sensitive people. How surprising.

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A wise man once said:

Facts don't care about your feelings.

Why did you think telling the world how you feel was going to accomplish anything?

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And yet you're posting in favor of sensitivity to others, while using homophobic slurs.

Follow your own principles or nobody will listen to you.

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( ( ( F A K E A N D G A Y ) ) )

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OK now I'm curious. Nobody is in this thread any more, so can you tell me honestly why you feel it's totally OK to say such things, seeing that you think people shouldn't say them? True talk.

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Wow. You're just genuinely not that smart.

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This is surprising, because girls typically have better grades than boys...

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glass ceiling shattered

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Isn't Sydney the University that stole everyone's photos from their social media for "research"?

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How does one steal that which is publicly available?

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One uses it without legal permission.

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Permission is not required in this case, and you're think of the University of Surrey.

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Permission is 100% required. But thank you.

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The Geneva conventions.

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That's great.