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That is nuts. I expected the chans to get banned in NZ, but voat in AUS is more far-reaching than I would've imagined. Authorities down there are being so reactionary, it's frightening, tbh. That whole "bastion of freedom" imagine NZ and AUS spent the last 50 years building is very quickly going down the toilet

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zerohedge is also blocked according to twitter. poor aussies and kiwis, a captive population, isolated, at the end of the world, at mercy of powerhungry maniacs.

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We're all captive to a degree in our residing nations, unfortunately. The world has become a small place, in a lot of ways

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I have never even heard of ZeroHedge before. Has anyone noticed if they blocked Kiwifarms?

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as far as i can remember and tell, it was going down since howard, prolly even before

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Not surprising I guess, all this reactionary stuff had to come from somewhere. But to those abroad, the way the NZ and AUS authorities are reacting is seriously damaging their image in a very visible and public way. It is a signal, an indicator of where their heads are at, and right now the whole world is paying attention

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Every "event" is they test out their systems for our reactions.

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True. "Never let a crisis go to waste"

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Vodaphone is also blocking it, this is what I get when trying to visit voat:

...and it looks like 4chan and 8chan are also blocked! !

.....add to that liveleak, and!!

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They're getting as totalitarian as China!

NSA surveillance, walled gardens, CIA backdoors, Reddit mods censoring, Reddit admins censoring subs…

Everything is getting so, so bad!

We should move to the Hyperboria and Yggdrasil before they censor the entire internet!

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Can't censor real life...

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For fuck sakes.

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Leftists in NGOs, governments, and corporations are very against alternative speech. You have to understand that the left is a mafia.

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Haha somebody's been divided into lefts and rights. fuckin troll.

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Because it is left and right, and has been that way ever since the French Revolution.

The difference is between life philosophy, psychology, identity, culture, and whether or not one holds utopian ideas. Politics is downstream of all of those.

.... and that's my name. Don't wear it out.

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What you fail to see is that you're talking about the totalitarian left, just as bad as the totalitarian right.

I may lean left on more things than right - but only if they are about freedom and cooperation. And most of the things I don't agree with on the left AND the right are just dogmatic propaganda ideas trickling down on the the authentic left and right who have FAAAAR more in common than with their totalitarian counterparts.

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Horseshoe theory is bullshit. All leftism is totalitarian because its ideas have been proven to not work, and because the left is emotionally invested in its ideals for domination and socialization purposes, they always become tyrannical in its application.

You know what the right really is? "Everybody else." It's the left versus sane and normal people.

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I never said horseshoe. It's not really bullshit though. I see it as left/right on one axis and up/down = totalitarian/liberal on another axis - but instead of a square field I prefer a diamond field. The closer to the top and bottom you get the more totalitarian or free you get and the absolute left and the absolute right don't meet either.

Denis Kusinich and Ron Paul aren't overlapping at the far left and far right edges. They're overlapping lower down towards freedom.

All leftism is totalitarian because its ideas have been proven to not work

So the Scandinavian models don't work? Canada doesn't work? Come on. Yes, there are MANY bad examples of BOTH capitalism and socialism, left and right ideologies.

And now there's this corporate-left of manufactured SJW culturally engineered utter nonsense that has no resemblance to authentic progressive left ideals. I DO NOT consider the Corporate-Left to be legit. IMHO they are worse than Republicans because they are traitorous liars and manipulators, and republicans in sheeps clothing.

they always become tyrannical in its application.

Not. Ish. ALL government is tyrannical for sure. But that's not dependent on being left nor right.

You are stuck on a 1D line of left v right. There's totalitarianism v libralism. AND there's truth v fiction, aka healthy skepticism v dogmatic faith - but that's a whole other convo.

It's the left versus sane and normal people.

That's mudslinging.