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1 vote for corporate media here. Yes, the US is the world's biggest terrorist, conducting terrorism, not counter-terrorism. We pretty much have the worst track record possible. 10 to 20 years of peace out of 250 or so.

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The news media today is not in the business of providing “news”, but attention seeking stories that “may” be true, and designed to “outrage” people in the cancel culture. Not to mention, it’s all opinionated, with the facts (if any) put on the side.

I stopped watching TV a long time ago, and the only thing that I enjoy watching on my last few years of watching TV was Bill O'Reilly. But they got rid of him, so I no longer had a reason to watch TV, at all.

Anyways, to answer your question, the “mainstream media” is a dieing media and using what ever tactics they can use to make money. I rather use the term “Fake News” media. :3

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On the subject of terrorism and mission creep in language, I'm in the stupidest argument with someone on reddit right now.

There was a robbery at a local mall and one shot either was or wasn't fired but the entire mall and the store next door were evacuated.

The person I'm in the discussion with is insisting that this was an act of terrorism because of "right wing white males" mass shooting people.

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No. Further, does terrorism require leadership?