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This group mostly does not fit the shooting hoax profile: incel white guys. We have four women, a tranny, a pineapple, at least one MS-13, and two guys giving the Crips hand sign. Second and third-row from the bottom: white Vietnam vet and below him a Burger King manager. The El Paso MK-Ultra dude, the dead Dayton guy, and a blue man too. What's that Chinese guy doing in there? The guy second-row from the top in the red T is Alex Jones' brother. No racist slur intended for the guy with weird hair but he does look like a pineapple. And my fave in the bottom-right corner, Obama after a five-day meth binge.

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He’s the Based Asian of the bunch.

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He might be Korean. Not meant in a bad way but if you mess with them they sometimes go get their shotguns. Remember the LA riots? Koreans were out there heavily armed, guarding their businesses. Still, all those pics show people accused of killing four or more.

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I love me some rooftop Koreans. I know some personally. Asians period don’t fuck around like the cushy guilt ridden white folks do.