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Because most of the high-profile mass shooting are exercises conducted by private defense contractors and crisis management companies. Actually nearly all of them as of 2012, when the Smith Mundt Modernization was signed into law by a CFR member.

Most violence in metropolitan areas with a population of 100,000+. In those areas it is seen very high in african american communities due to poverty, poor education and drug violence. These afre facts.

If you took these communities away from the stats, or simply focuses on helping them, and disregarded the many past high profile fake school shooting exercises, in the EL PASO case, an active shooter drill was planned for that day with media staging before the event, and PD and FIRE departments needed a 1 billion dolalr bond for 2019, that is the motive, then you are left with a very, safe conutry with minimal gun violence.

Plus, gun violence has decreased 53 % since 1993 - 2013 and gun murder 47% since 1993 - 2013 as per FBI stats.

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the mass killers could still use trucks as their weapon

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Also, hoaxes. ThE NICE and Barcelona attack also fake. Bad ones at that. Simply to scare the public. But hey when you have a child die it is just "sooooooooo amazing'" that's something he'd do, "die." (As said by mother of dead child a day after NICE event) These events are fake, almost all mass terror attacks are in the west and AP and Reuter photographers are at the scene ready to film as the event occurs.

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I wish this had names that could be looked up. But if correct, this is interesting.

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So whatcha got here? A bunch of faces on a wall. No link to crimes. Just a general explanation that they shot some people. This could be a wall of Jay walkers for all we know.

But lets say they are mass shooters. They didnt get the coverage they deserved, is that your point? All this does is re affirm that there needs to be gun reform - at least that is how the Dems will politicize it. All you have done is make that point more clear.

And your Whataboutism still does NOT clear Trump and FOX news for inciting this latest rash of violence.

While we are talking about FOX - keep in mind they decided not to cover those shootings either, apparently. And FOX never lets a reason to spread hate a vitriol slip by so why do you tell us why these people weren't covered more Broadly?

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Why would anyone use this word? It's stating your willing ignorance of a topic because you wish to ignore anything similar.

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Whataboutism: also known as whataboutery, is a variant of the tu quoque logical fallacy that attempts to discredit an opponent's position by charging them with hypocrisy without directly refuting or disproving their argument.

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I wonder how many of these are actually guilty of the shootings.

1:10 death row inmates are exonerated.

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This group mostly does not fit the shooting hoax profile: incel white guys. We have four women, a tranny, a pineapple, at least one MS-13, and two guys giving the Crips hand sign. Second and third-row from the bottom: white Vietnam vet and below him a Burger King manager. The El Paso MK-Ultra dude, the dead Dayton guy, and a blue man too. What's that Chinese guy doing in there? The guy second-row from the top in the red T is Alex Jones' brother. No racist slur intended for the guy with weird hair but he does look like a pineapple. And my fave in the bottom-right corner, Obama after a five-day meth binge.

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He’s the Based Asian of the bunch.

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He might be Korean. Not meant in a bad way but if you mess with them they sometimes go get their shotguns. Remember the LA riots? Koreans were out there heavily armed, guarding their businesses. Still, all those pics show people accused of killing four or more.

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I love me some rooftop Koreans. I know some personally. Asians period don’t fuck around like the cushy guilt ridden white folks do.

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Dayton was the 250th mass shooting in the USA in 2019. This was mentioned in serveal news stories I've seen about it and if you search for it even TMZ mentions it, the Mayor of dayton mentions it in her statement after the shooting and all.